by Sharon Jones

Workplace-related stress is on the most underestimated health risk in the business world. Indeed, even though, you can't see stress, it doesn't mean that it doesn't affect you. Your body reacts in a variety of ways to stress. Short-term pressure can lead to temporary palpitations, sweating, and feeling a little hot or blushed. However, when stress becomes a frequent occurrence, your body begins to develop lasting effects such as heart conditions – as a result of long-term palpitations –, anxiety, weight disorders – as stress can influence your appetite either by curbing or increasing it. Under high pressures, it's not uncommon to experience hormonal imbalance – you can find yourself struggling with acne breakouts or hair loss –, and a weakened immune system. Lasting stress disorders can trigger many severe diseases, from cancer to diabetes.

Employees go through a lot of stress, but it doesn't compare to the dramatic experience of business owners. When you think that businesses are the future of the economy in a country, it becomes evident that we need more companies to support entrepreneurs in their stressful journey.

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Photo courtesy of Pxhere

#1. It's overwhelming when you're new to it

For anybody new to the world of business management, the responsibilities can crush your spirit. Unfortunately, it's a learning process. The more you get used to running a business, the less stressful it becomes. It's, therefore, crucial to have a go-to agency to help entrepreneurs with their obligations. An outsourcing partner can help business owners to let go of their day-to-day stress by reducing their workload. Instead of allowing new and unprepared entrepreneurs to find a potential outsourcing contractor, the agency can act as a recruiter and advisor for anything from accounting to content writing. By combining their business knowledge with their understanding of each entrepreneur's personal needs, the outsourcing agency can be a game changer.

#2. Nobody can de-stress at will

It doesn't matter how much individuals want to relax. When you're stuck in an unknown and challenging situation – as it the case for new business owners –, you can't just let go off your stress. But dedicated partners who can provide relaxing support with CBD oil or even massages can encourage the body to release tensions. Indeed, the mind and the body are closely linked, so that when the first worries, the second tenses. Typically, relaxing involves eliminating concerns. But when you can't control stress factors, working directly on your body to relax can make a significant difference.

#3. You've got the experience they need

Having a great business idea is not the same than being a successful entrepreneur. Small businesses need a consultant more than anybody else because they lack the experience and skills of seasoned business people. As a consultant, you can supply specialist services, from dedicated accounting to legal advice, for example. But, your most important and underrated function is to let new business owners know what feels normal and what doesn't. Many worry when success doesn't happen overnight. A business consultant can be the voice of reason they need.  

New businesses are essential to the economic health of a country. But new companies bring a lot of stress that can affect the health and success of entrepreneurs. With dedicated partners and advisors to support them, stress is not an issue anymore.