by Sharon Jones

The best way to make money is by doing something you love, clearly. When it comes to hobbies, it’s not easy to find those opportunities. But one that has quite a few routes to revenue is those who a love of growing. Whether you’re a gardener, a home farmer, or someone who simply has a passion for all things botany, here are a few businesses worth considering.


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Put your foot to the petal

Starting a business as a florist might be your first thought, but the truth is that if it’s the process of growing flowers that excites you so much, it might not be the right way for you. Instead, you might want to become a local supplier for florists. However, if your passion is more about arranging, or about the different types of flower, then your knowledge is going to prove much more useful in running a floral shop.

Find your market

If you have an allotment of fruit and vegetables hanging out in your backyard, then you might also be able to find your place selling fruits and vegetables with your own market stand. There’s a growing demand for organic, chemical free, fresh grown produce. If you’re able to consistently grow a good crop, and you don’t mind running a relatively small business, this might be the way for you.

The culinary crusaders

Perhaps you want to sell to a more exclusive clientele. There are gardeners who grow produce to be sold to more discerning eyes. Microgreens Farmer is a site looking at how you can weed your way into an industry of selling herbs, spices, and other microgreens to those in the restaurant and culinary industry. Becoming a supplier of these more demanding products takes more effort, but the rewards of catering to a more affluent industry might just be worth it.

The latest growing market

We can’t talk about growing stuff and making money without talking about a market that’s quickly growing legal in more states than ever. Running a cannabis business is now possible in the US, but even where it’s legal, it’s not easy to get certification to do your own growing. You should be prepared to do your research and find the local requirements before you invest too much in all sorts of hydroponic growing environments.

The homesteading hype

You’ve likely heard about the growing trend of people becoming much more self-sufficient, living more and more off the land, and even starting a business from their home. Homesteading is fast growing more popular due to sites like Morning Chores that can help show you the ropes. However, it’s a big commitment, and demands the majority of your time, as well as the right property with enough ground to both sustain yourself and make an income.

Where you plan on sharing your talents depends on where your passions lie and where the market will meet them. It’s far from impossible to make a living from a love of gardening, but you need to make sure you’re able to find a place for your produce with some market research.