It should come as no surprise that the construction industry is one of the most dangerous all over the world. The heavy machinery, dangerous equipment, and need for constant concentration from every worker at all times all adds up to a recipe for disaster. But what are the biggest risks in construction, and how can we help reduce their impact? Let’s take a look at some of the major issues all construction bosses need to face.

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Heights and roofing

Whether you are building on a roof or scaling up a ladder, there are obviously huge risks when working at heights. Sadly, fatalities and severe injuries occur on an almost daily basis around the world, so you must have serious safety policies in place. Make sure you are investing in things like roofing walkways to reduce the number of slips and falls on roofs. Invest in security ladders that bolt on to buildings, so they don’t slip - or always have two-man teams so that one can support so the other can climb. And make sure that all workers who have to scale heights have the training they need to ensure they never, ever fall.

Moving objects and equipment

You don’t have to stand around on a building site to see how many tons of machinery are running around at any given moment. And it only takes a worker to take their eye off the ball for a second for a serious - possibly fatal - accident to occur. Ensure that all machine operators have the correct training, of course, but you also need to have rules in place about walking through areas that equipment is being used in.

Slips, trips, and falls

Given that many construction sites are uneven, full of holes, and buildings at various stages of completion, it’s no surprise that so many slips, trips, and falls occur. And the problem is that because of the type of materials and equipment used on a site, the chances of those falls causing a lot of damage are very high. Safety boots and hard hats are essential, of course, and you also have to be strict about people not following the rules. Ultimately, you have an obligation to protect your workers, and if they don’t pay any attention, you have to make sure that you discipline - not just to protect your legal responsibilities, but also to protect their lives.


Finally, as much as it might surprise you, but noise is one of the most dangerous issues on construction sites, Not only can it lead to severe hearing problems for workers, but it also makes communication incredibly difficult. How will you hear calls of an emergency when you are operating machinery while wearing noise-canceling ear covers? Noise is a very dangerous distraction, and again, it’s vital that you have policies in place that ensures everyone - from your workers to your site visitors - is well protected.

There are plenty more health and safety issues on construction sites, of course. But these are some of the biggest dangers and cause the most problems throughout the country - and the world. Make sure you have the right protection in place, for the sake of your workers as much as your company.

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