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Business meetings are always frightening. They’re a unique environment for anybody. When else do you have to sell yourself that way? The level of scrutiny can be enough to put you on the brink of a breakdown during the lead-up to the big day. But, if you want to make a success of your business, they’re a necessity. Business meetings are where you’ll find big bucks. It may be that you’re scouting for customers or need investors. Whatever the reason, everything rests on that meeting. No pressure, right? The good news is, there’s plenty you can do beforehand to ensure things go as well as possible. Here are a few things to consider.


It’s crucial that you plan an outfit. For men, suits are a must. For women, a suit is preferable, but a smart dress could work. While business decisions should be made based on what you say, it would be naive to imagine that first impressions don’t have some impact. Even if you wear jeans and a sweatshirt at the office, you need to dress up for this. If you don’t have an appropriate outfit, buy one on sites like Think of it as an investment - you can keep it aside for the next meeting. It may seem strange to say while you’re nervous, but if things go well, this won’t be the last. Make sure, too, that you look presentable. Slick back unruly hair and make sure to shave. Small touches like this will show those you’re meeting with that you’ve got things together. You may think your stubble looks appealing, but associates may assume you woke up late!

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Business meetings are all about communication. The chances are, you already knew that. But, it’s all too easy to forget when you’re in the firing line. When nervous, you’re at risk of barraging clients with information, and not letting them ask questions. Plus, nervous speech is often fast and indecipherable. Make sure to speak slowly, and leave appropriate gaps between sentences. It may also be worth asking if anyone has any questions at regular intervals. Not too regular, though. You don’t want to sound like a broken record! If you’re meeting with foreign clients, it may also be worth hiring a translator from a company like That way, you can ensure everyone understands each other without complication. Take this step well in advance to ensure you can make it work for you. And, remember to leave gaps for the translator to do their thing!


It’s also crucial you practice beforehand. This may seem strange because you can’t practice for the questions you’ll be asked. But, practicing your planned speech will still help you iron out any mistakes before the event. You could practice with colleagues, or in front of the mirror. It’s advisable to watch yourself do a run through at least once. It’ll feel strange, but it’s the best way to work on body language.