Businesses can tend to take office space for granted. This is especially true if the business has been set up in the same office space for a number of years. Clutter becomes part of the furniture and workers stick to the same spaces, without any thought to progression or change. Your office space may be able to offer you more than you’re getting from it. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of a working space.

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Create communal areas

When it comes to most commercial offices, the space is usually crammed with individual cubicles or desks which can become quite claustrophobic for workers. Creating a shared office space will give workers a chance to communicate better, solve problems quicker and learn from one another. A cubicle shouldn’t be a worker’s office space; the whole office should be accessible to workers.

Go paperless

Not only is going paperless a greener solution for businesses, it also reduces cost. When it comes to space saving, going paperless could make a huge difference. Many offices are cluttered with files on desks or storage cupboards full of documents that take up valuable space. If paper usage is cut down to the bare minimum, you may free up a significant amount of space in your office. It also means that workers don’t have to attempt to work surrounded by clutter. A clean and clear space is far more conducive to a productive atmosphere.

Stand-up meetings

No-one really likes to enter a dark and dreary boardroom to sit there and listen to the latest pep talk from their employers. Stand-up meetings are becoming more and more popular for several reasons. Firstly, stand-up meetings tend to be shorter. Secondly, they can take place anywhere in the office so it’s easy to grab people’s attention. Thirdly, it eliminates the need for spaces like a boardroom that are very rarely used. It’s also been said that the close proximity of workers in a stand-up meeting inspires more creativity than being sat down in a boardroom.

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Minimise furniture

There was once a time when large office furniture was the dream and workers sought after hefty and expensive pieces. However, we’re now in a phase of minimalist design and office spaces can really benefit from it. After all, if you don’t need the storage for documents and files because everything is stored on your computer, all workers need is a desk big enough for the computer itself. Smaller furniture saves money and space.

Work with a designer

Young designers are itching to get their hands on office spaces because they know how to maximize the qualities each office has. Along with innovative design, you may get a free offer so the designer can use the space as part of building his portfolio. A new and modern design will not only refresh the worker's enthusiasm but also impress new and existing clients who visit.

Getting out of an office rut isn’t easy, but thinking outside the box could mean you get an entirely new and effective space.


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