Criminals have more options than ever to break into your home or business premises and take your goods or even your memories. So if you’ve hit a patch of good luck or have been on the good end of some wise investments, you’ll have reaped the rewards and upgraded your home or even your business property.. This makes its a target.

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However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have any options at all. In fact, technology has brought home defense forward in a massive way and if you take the right precautions you’re guaranteed peace of mind.

The simplest step to keeping your property secure is to simply alert the authorities on discovery of suspicious activity - is there a broken window pane or marks on the building? This should all be reported and a record kept for your own safety. The police are always a phone call away and should be used when necessary.

There are many cheap options as well. If you’ve got a webcam lying around, you can transform this into a dummy CCTV camera (the real thing is better, of course) that can act as a great deterrent. A real CCTV camera can give you a lot of information and of course act as an even greater deterrent than a dummy camera.

It’s important not to give the appearance that you’ve gone on vacation to any lurking criminals. Mow the lawn and ensure the property is landscaped. Anything that might just be laziness can be seen by criminals casing a property that the location is vacant. Don’t give them ideas. Don’t allow post to build up on the property either.

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An alarm is perhaps the best option, something like CPI Home Security offers one of the better options on the market and is a complete and inclusive package, but this can’t be afforded by all. It’s important that securing your property is one of your main expenses, but the truth is that not many of us have the income. You can purchase fake alarm decals as a precaution, but please invest in the real deal as soon as possible.

Changing and upgrading the locks is a great idea and investing in door jamb reinforcement can stop your door being booted off of it’s hinges. The easiest way to break into a property is to not leave a trace at all, but criminals will always fight for a prize. Ensure your door can’t be attacked, and you’ve cut out a major option for a burglar.

No matter the tips that are given, the key way to ensuring your property or premises is safe is by remaining vigilant, as we said earlier, don’t take matters into your own hands. If you see something, say something and take the correct precautions. Keeping an eye out for strange behaviour is perhaps the best step or course of action you can take. Just ensure you’re leaving nothing on display and not standing out in the crowd and your property should be fine. It is better to be safe than sorry, though.