By Lina Martinez

Investing into, well, anything, is a great way to increase your wealth and secure your financial future. The issue with plunging your money into investing is that it goes out of your hands and into the hands of a fund manager, or three.

It’s scary when your money isn’t in your hands. It really is. Your nest egg isn’t truly yours anymore, and catastrophe could strike at any time. That shouldn’t put you off investing at all, but it should ensure that you consider diversifying your portfolio.

Of course, there are the two standard options to start with. Most investors look towards trading stocks or placing their cash into a fund, and who could blame them? It’s easy and takes the pressure off you to actually do anything. As above, though, the money isn’t in your control. That’s ok sometimes, but it’s time to spread your cash across opportunities and take the reigns back slightly. You should be the individual steering your future.

Property is the first opportunity you should look towards when you want to open up your portfolio. Why? Investing in a property like Panda Condos, for example, is simple. You invest in bricks and mortar, and you can see where you’ve put your money. You get rent, pay the mortgage and at the end of the day, you get money put into your pocket. Like our article on making money without leaving your sofa, this is almost as easy if you’ve got the funds or opportunity to borrow. Of course, if you do choose to invest and become a landlord, we’ve got your back.

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Another unique opportunity to consider is investing in wine. Wine is rather strange to this list as it requires storage and can be held in your hand, or drunk. Wine can be extremely valuable, depending on the vintage and may be less of a gamble than other options. Wine, does age, unlike most properties and an expensive wine can quickly turn into an undrinkable vinegar if you take too much time in watching its price rise.

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Stamps and penny-stocks offer other ‘low-cost = high reward’ options. Stamps that could be brought for £10 in 1970 can sell at auction for over £3000 today. Penny-stocks have their benefit in the name; they are low cost and the return on them can be incredibly enticing. That being said, it is hard work and involves time and effort you may not have. Here is some helpful information on penny stocks. These are all options worth considering if you are interested in the thought of diversifying your investments.

The most important thing to consider is your research. Property, wine, and stocks can easily mislead and lead to a huge waste of your money if you aren’t careful. Your education about these options and opportunities is far more valuable than any amount of money you can choose to invest. If you be smart, you may very well succeed. Don’t throw your cash at anything just for the excuse that you’re diversifying your portfolio. The opportunity should be right for you, and you only. Be guided by your instincts and knowledge and you’ll be able to diversify in no-time at all.