by Lina Martinez



Most business owners spend time trying to find, and then to keep the best staff. We don’t just go out and recruit the first people that we see. We take the time to search for the right person for each position. We spend time and money on recruitment efforts, taking the time to ensure that the people that we hire have the proper training and knowledge to do the job. But, it’s more than this. We also want them to be the right fit.

We want them to fit in with our current team and our way of working. We want them to add to the positive atmosphere, or to bring something extra to improve morale. We want them to know their stuff, to work hard, to help those around them and to make the workplace better. We’re also keen for them to want to develop themselves. We want to teach them, for them to want to learn more about the business and progress in the future. We put this much thought into every person that we recruit.

So, it’s only natural that we then want to keep them for as long as we can. We’re not going to put so much effort into recruitment, just to need to do it again in a few months. In the ideal world, we’d keep staff for years and years, some would spend their whole working life with us, and we’d recruit as infrequently as possible.

One of the ways that we keep our staff is offering them extra perks and benefits. Some of the most popular benefits revolve around health and wellness. We provide health insurance, a drug test, access to doctors in work time, dental insurance and treatment, fitness benefits like on-site gyms and gym discounts. Some companies offer their staff bikes to get to work, or free bike repairs to encourage their use. You might even provide bonuses based on activity and exercise, as well as work performance. But, why? With every perk that you could possibly offer your staff, why are the health and wellness ones so popular? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.



They’ll Take Less Time Off

Healthy staff, take less time off work, meaning your business faces less downtime and that you can work to your full capacity more often. It also means that your healthy staff aren’t having to cover another person's job, making them happy. If you can offer your staff access to healthcare, either on-site or via video chat, they’ll be able to come in even when they are waiting for an appointment.

It’ll Reduce the Spread of Disease

In a small office or work space, disease can spread rapidly, passing infection around. It’s not uncommon for most of a workforce to be off at the same time, all struggling with the same bug. Offering healthcare can prevent some bugs completely while spotting others early and reducing the spread.

Their Stress Levels Will be Reduced

Most people are stressed out at least some of the time, this reduces work performance and can lead to time off. Health and wellness benefits can help to reduce stress levels and keep everyone happier.

To reduce stress as much as possible, don’t just focus on healthcare and insurance. Look for therapists services, offer your staff extra time outdoors, try to find ways to help them to get more exercise, and make changes like switching to healthy food in your kitchen.

Morale Will be Higher

Healthy, less stressed out staff, are happier staff. Keeping them healthy makes them more content, but other health and fitness perks also boost their mood, reduce depression and keep everyone happier.

Good Health Improves Productivity

Healthy, happy staff are also faster staff. Looking after your team, taking steps to protect their health and fitness could boost the productivity of your office massively. They’ll work harder, they’ll get more done, and they’ll enjoy their work more. Others ways to boost productivity in your office include keeping the space light and brightly lit, maximizing natural light and fresh air, getting the temperature right and adding plants and other greenery.

It Shows You Care

Building a reputation as a boss that cares can help you to attract and keep the best staff. It will mean that your team members respect you, that they are loyal and willing to go the extra mile. All because you care about them.

Health is More Valuable than Money

Healthcare can be very expensive, but good health is invaluable. Many people consider healthcare benefits to be more valuable than financial boosts.