By Lina Martinez

Trending, Viral! You must have heard these words before, and if you are a crazy Instagram user, you would’ve wanted to post something that also gets viral. Well, it isn’t that difficult. While sometimes it is just the luck of the draw, some posts get the hell of a good response, and others don’t get that popular. So taking into consideration the importance of these viral posts, below I am going to share with you some points which can help you make your content gets viral on Instagram.

Photo courtesy of  Flickr

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Keep Up With The Latest Trends And News

The first thing you’re going to need to do is to find or create content that has the potential to go viral. So, to be on top of the list of hot and trendy topics is stay updated with the trending news. Make your profile a go-to source of the cutting edge information. Be it about any event, celebrity, food or any pet information. Your followers will want to appear as in the know as you, making them more prone to like and share your posts. This can be on the way to make your posts go viral because you’ve got such information which no one has till now.

Picking the Best Hashtags

Hashtags are the motor of your Instagram post – they’re the only way it’s going to go anywhere. The first step here is being aware of what is realistic for YOU to trend for. Remember that the relevance of your hashtag is much more important than how popular it is. You know your hashtags should be highly targeted and relevant, regardless of size.

#Love has a gazillion results, but it’s very, very generic. If you are selling shoes, it isn’t going to serve you well. The same principle applies here. It would be awesome to trend for some huge hashtag like #instagood, but who cares if your target audience isn’t looking there? Rather than just adding random hashtags to your photos, find hashtags are killing in your niche! This way, you can connect with other creatives in your industry and develop personal relationships

Use hashtags to help your Instagram posts get found.  Make them relevant. However, if you want a shot at trending or being viral, you will also want to include 3-5 “big” hashtags that are less-targeted.

Lots of Engagement, fast

Once you’ve picked the right hashtag, you need to focus on getting as much engagement on your post as quickly as possible. So order to go viral you’re going to need a lot of engagement because you see a mix of larger and smaller accounts, I believe that engagement is a huge success-factor. That means doing everything you can to boost engagement immediately after posting. For engagement, you can simply ask for engagement, post things that inspire comments and likes, and post at your best time. It’s a known fact the more engaged followers you have, the more likes, comments you’ll get and the more chances that your posts get viral.

As I have mentioned earlier where Engagement is great, but quick engagement is even better. Trending posts take their position within the first 24 hours of posting, so you need it to happen fast. For that again you should post at the right time and add the right mix of hashtags to gain followers on Instagram fast. The more followers you have on Instagram, the higher is the chance of going viral.

Create A Call-To-Action (CTA) In Your Caption

It’s hard to say what the Instagram algorithm favors more: likes or comments. But in any case, generating a ton of comments on your posts is important if you want to get featured in the trending Instagram hashtags or wants to make your post go viral on Instagram. That’s why we can’t stress enough the importance of including a call-to-action in your Instagram captions.

To create a call-to-action on Instagram, you just need to ask your followers to do something after reading your caption! You can ask them a question about what they’re up to this weekend, or what they think of a new product, and tell them to leave their answer in the comments.

High-Quality Content

Last but not the least; your content needs to be of high quality. It can happen that you certainly have used the best hashtags for your post, and your post is well updated but if it's in poor quality or blurred or irrelevant, chances of your post gets viral becomes lower and lower as nobody is going to take an interest in your low quality of picture or video. Fewer comments and likes in the post mean less engagement with your audience. So the trick here is to make sure your content is high in quality and updated.

By implementing or by experimenting these few points and doing them all consistently, you should be going viral in no time. So Good Luck with these tips or tricks and Happy Instagramming!

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