By Lina Martinez

It's no secret that the smartphones industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Each new model that comes up introduces exciting features that we never thought possible!


For example, do you remember when the first RFID-enabled handsets got introduced? No-one ever thought it possible to pay for stuff in-store using a mobile phone before. Nowadays, it's a common form of payment along with cards and cash.



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Today's smartphones no doubt make our lives more convenient. But, what does the future hold for them? Well, the consensus is that they will take over the role of other everyday things. In fact, it's safe to say tomorrow's smartphones will make them obsolete! Here are seven everyday things smartphones could ultimately replace:


1. Newspapers


Everyone knows that fewer people are buying newspapers nowadays. In the near future, it's likely printed news will become a thing of the past. Today's smartphones allow us to check out the news on our handsets. With smartphone use growing so much each day, few people will wish to buy newspapers. Especially when they can read the news on their devices for free.


2. Games Consoles


It might sound like a bold claim to make. But, the future of games consoles is limited. Gaming is moving to the cloud, making it easy to play from anywhere. Many people, including younger users, will play games on their smartphones.


3. Casinos


Decades ago, going to the local casino or bingo hall was a weekly event for many people. These days, visitor numbers have dwindled. It's probable that casinos will close. In their place will be online providers like Maria. Why make a special trip out to play some roulette when you can do so from home, work or just about anywhere?


4. Translation Books


Going to a foreign country can be challenging if you don't speak the language. For years, people relied on translation books to help them talk to the locals. In the future, smartphones will make those books extinct! Why? Take innovative apps like Google Translate as an example. They let you translate signs and even verbal conversations.



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5. Satellite Navigation devices


There aren't many people that use paper maps these days. That's because they go out of date quickly and aren't that reliable. Many of us have GPS devices that we use in our cars. In the future, smartphones will make sat-nav gadgets obsolete. Why carry out two separate things that offer the same functionality (i.e. navigation)?

6. Shopping Lists


It's often a task to find some paper and a pen to write one's grocery list for the week. And it's another to remember what we need to get! Smartphones will replace this old-school way of remembering what food to buy. Some apps on the market can even connect with "smart" fridges. Their job is to tell you when you've run out of something!


7. Business Cards


Here's an interesting one. I believe we will get to a point where people will only have digital business cards. They could get transmitted via Bluetooth to people's devices. Or we could just scan in QR codes for the details. Less paper and better for the environment!



Lina Martinez has her B.S. in journalism and is a contributor to our politics, life and money pages. She once admitted over drinks to singing "Careless Whisper" in the shower. We are still trying to get her to sing it at karaoke.