Everybody wonders what will be next in store for iPhone users. Apple always seem to have unusual and interesting updates up their sleeve, as well as fun new features to incorporate into newer models. The design is usually updated so that it looks sleeker and more on trend. The features are usually updated, and apps seem to work better on newer iPhones. If you’re wondering what could be in store for iPhone users, read on…



When Will It Be Released?


The iPhone 7 is reportedly being released around the 16th of September this year. This means that iPhone fanatics who always want to have the latest model don’t have very long to wait at all. That is, as long as the date isn’t pushed back.


No Headphone Jack


But wait - what would we all do without the headphone jack? Apparently, the jack is to be removed to make an even thinner iPhone than ever before. This would force users to connect using Bluetooth earphones. That possibility isn’t so bad - let’s just hope Apple include a pair in the package! If they don’t, we could all be making expensive trips to the tech store to purchase some.


Higher Battery Life


It isn’t certain whether Apple are going to guarantee a higher battery life with this model. They aren’t sure that certain sacrifices are worth being made in order to get more battery.


Higher Screen Resolution


Apple do have some catching up when it comes to screen resolution. Thanks to some competitor releases, there’s a high possibility we’ll all be enjoying a higher screen resolution on our iPhones some time soon.


Curved Display


Apple has never done anything like this with their iPhones before, so it would be a huge change for people who are used to the old models. A curved display could give the iPhone a sleeker and more modern appearance, although some users might find it a struggle to get to grips with. Imagine having curved Apple iphone and iPad parts. This isn’t a definite, but it’s a rumor that is gathering momentum!


Wireless Charging


Wireless charging would enable apple to make the iPhone even  slimmer too. Not only that, it would eliminate so many other problems. We’ve all experienced a broken phone charger thanks to having it lay funny. We’ve all had to struggle with charging our phones halfway across the room from where we’re sitting. Some of us have even purchased extra long phone chargers to combat this problem. Wireless charging could very well be the answer to all of our problems! How it would work, none of us are sure. It could definitely be one of the biggest and most monumental changes in the iPhone.

These are just some of the rumors circulating when it comes to the new iPhone. There are many more rumors going around, and none of us are sure which are true. Apple are experts at keeping things under wraps! Have you heard anything about the new iPhone? Are there any changes you’re hoping for? Leave a comment below!