By Lina Martinez

They say no man is an island, and they would be right. As much as we’d like to think we can do everything ourselves, or at least be an expert in everything, it’s just not possible. You can’t have be the best at everything, and produce the best work in each area. If you know that you’re not a specialist in all areas of business, that you’re just great at creating your product or service, it might be time to reach out for a little help from a few (soon to be) friends. These guys are experts in their fields, and they can boost your business in these areas better than you can - so it’s time to team up!

Invoice Factoring

If you don’t have time to keep chasing up unpaid invoices or have the heart to keep it up, you’ll be glad to know that there are people out there that will do it for you. Invoice factoring could save you a lot of time and frustration - and get you the money that’s owed to you. They pay you and chase up the invoice themselves. If that sounds better than getting nowhere with accounts departments, take a look at the best factoring companies and look into it today.

Recruitment Consultant

Reading people may not be your thing. But if you’ve got a great product or service off the ground and it’s doing really well, why should it be? Especially when there are dedicated recruitment consultancies to take care of that for you. Whether you never have the time to hire people, or always seem to make a bad judgment, take on a recruitment consultancy to advertising your job, vet the candidates and send them your way. Easy!

Marketing Agency

Not everyone has the gift of the gab. To some, marketing can be a complete minefield. But, there comes a time when you should stop trying to market your business badly yourself and get someone who knows that they're doing to do it for you. Whether you need a new brand, a social media strategy, or some serious ad space, a marketing agency with experience in your field could take it off your hands easily and start to get you the attention you deserve.

Sales Consultant

Sometimes, trying to crack sales can be exhausting. But to some people, it just comes naturally. If you despise the sales process, feel too shy to start cold calling, or just need more time to dedicate to you, you should look into hiring a sales consultant that can do it for you. If you don’t want the commitment of having an in-house sales team, these guys are a quick, easy and affordable option to ensure that your sales funnel fills up.

Serviced Offices

Whether you’ve always worked from home and you need to be able to take on a space of your own, or you’re tired of the space you’re in, why not think about taking up a serviced office? The specialists that own them can ensure that your business needs are covered - from wifi to coffee, meaning you can go on with your day, be productive and focus on your business, not its facilities.