By Lina Martinez

The strains put on a relationship in the modern day are too numerous to list, but from phubbing to social media in general, the standard mobile phone is putting a massive gulf in between couples now. Even the whole Netflix way of life is a way to stop couples spending meaningful quality time together. The rate of divorce is higher than it ever has been, and is social media a cause, or merely a byproduct of this? It’s not like we can merely put away our phones a lot of the time, our careers revolve around emails and being on-call. The amount of work we have to put into any job to get a standard rate of pay is pitiful now because the currency is so devalued. Both parents in a family either have to work, or one of them is earning enough to cover them both, but they are overworked to the point that the only time they see their children is well after their bedtime.


What is the solution to this type of pressure? Because that’s what it is. The modern household is full of screens and tablets that social media has become the opiates of the masses. There will no doubt be a revolt of some type, but for now, with the younger generations dependent on the internet to get their information fix, it is the dopamine fix everyone needs. Does this mean that we communicate at all anymore? Children will shun their parents to play on their tablet, and parents are the same. Does it get to the point where the adults cannot cope anymore and instigate divorce proceedings? You can take your partner to a divorce lawyer from IRB Law and cause a protracted argument over the years, but it might be a necessary evil to wake everyone up. Divorce was seldom seen 60 years ago because it wasn’t seen as the “right thing to do” but now everyone is inclined to speak their mind a lot more on social media, that by communicating your feelings online that it could be inferred you are unhappy and so social media can technically be viewed as a good thing in these respects, which can help to speed up the process and makes everyone happier.


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The argument for social media in a modern household is one that will continue for years. But even though the health risks will be touted for a long time to come, the fact that we are spending a lot of time on our phones and running the risk of getting FOMO syndrome in one way or another, our relationships in the real world are suffering as a result. We place so much reliance on our phones to get us through our everyday life now that we feel powerless when we are left without it like we have no bearings on our compass. So what will happen to how we relate to people in the future, and what will happen to our relationships? It looks like we will just operate on auto-pilot until we actually wake up and smell the coffee.