It’s difficult to imagine that private individuals could, and should, have access to technologies that are designed to support businesses. The social consensus is that the business world and the household have two very different universes, and consequently different sets of needs. While it remains true in most cases that the tools that you use in a corporate environment or a company don’t fulfill any function at home, there are some exceptions. Indeed, the modern age has seen cases where households should be given the same level of technological access than businesses. Why? Because it makes your life a lot easier. Here are the top free examples where businesses share their technology with households.

Get the right tech in the home

Stop wasting

Waste is the demon of the modern age. Whether people throw away things they don’t need or spend too long on irrelevant processes, the waste of money and time exists everywhere. Commonly, it happens in the kitchen: On average, families have less than one good quality knife per household. What this means, put in other words, is that a bad knife results in a waste of time of over 150% to prepare the food and a likely waste of up to one-third of the ingredients. While it may sound irrelevant, at the end of the year, it is a lot of unnecessary hours spent throwing one-third of the food away. As a result, most people prefer to buy processed foods – regardless of the health risks. While you don’t need to buy a whole professional set of knives, you can certainly have a look at one or two forged series models from a professional source such as The same argument is valid for other kitchen appliances. In short, buying a better quality tool is a long-term investment that immediately saves money and time to the household. It’s a thought to bear in mind when you question the price of appliances.

Speed up your kitchen prep

Keep an eye on security

Keeping a safe household is a common objective for all families. Besides a quality burglar alarm, there is another item that is essential to individual security. Indeed, personal and confidential data are now a high focus on security matters, at a corporate and individual level. It is recommended that households find ways of destroying personal information that they don’t need before it could be used fraudulently. IN other words, private papers that you don’t need any further can directly go to the shredder. Paper shredders are a traditional office device that has only made it to less than half the households. It is found too noisy and unnecessary. Modern shredders are quiet, cost-effective and instantly secure. It’s an indispensable addition to a safe home.

Let private data stay private

Set up your website

While there are more and more individuals who are taking their profile and ideas online, too many still ignore the advantages of owning a website. If you are on the look for a new employment, a website is the best and most effective way to present your portfolio, using for instance. For freelancers, a website offers the possibility to post galleries, videos and new projects in real time, so that future clients are kept in the loop.