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In November, 2015, I set out on a new endeavor to upgrade my current Bluetooth headset. I use a Bluetooth headset when operating vehicles at work, working out at the gym and talking on the phone at various points of my day when I’m in need of hands free capability. After quite a bit of research, I settled in on purchasing a Plantronics BackBeat Fit wireless headset.

In part, my decision was swayed by the over-the-ear design of the headset. I think that my inner ear must be misshapen because traditional ear buds tend to fall out of my ears. Even those sparkling white beauties that were included as a complimentary bonus with my phone didn’t do the trick – I look like I’m doing some sort of interpretive dance on the treadmill at the gym, trying to work out and keep the Apple ear buds in my ears. They seem to work just fine for everyone else. Thus, the arrival of the conclusion of my hypothesis – gRant has odd ears.

During the wait time for Amazon to ship my new headset, I felt like a kid counting down the days until Christmas. They just couldn’t get here quick enough – I think a few times, I checked UPS site updates for status multiple times per day. Then, finally….At last….they were here!

Now for the good stuff…

·         Style: A plus – These things look cool. I feel like I came from the movie Back II the Future when I have these on.

·         Comfort: A minus – The reason for my slightly less than perfect rating is due to the fact that I’ve used some over-ear style headphones that were literally like pillows against my ears. The Plantronics BackBeat Fit headset wasn’t quite as comfortable as pillows, but comfy nonetheless.

·         Functionality – B – The overall functionality is good. However, turning power on and off and adjusting the volume on the headset can be slightly tricky. It feels like someone with small hands or a few weeks worth of fingernail growth judged these controls in conception / beta test environments. It’s not a make or break deal. The rest of the controls are simple to use. So, whether you’re taking conference calls on a beach in Cancun or your grandma is using Plantronics BackBeats to stream ‘Come a Little Bit Closer’ by Jay and the Americans at full volume, you’ll both experience a reliable quality sound in comfort. Additionally, the neoprene type coating is a nice touch – for those of us who sweat it out at the gym.

·         Cost - $$$$$ - I rated cost at a solid C. They aren’t as expensive as beats by Dre, but they aren’t your $15 eBay import knockoff Bluetooth special either. You’re looking at spending about a hundred bucks for these ear buds, which was totally worth it.

Overall, the Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth headset gets a solid B+ rating from me. This company makes quality telecom equipment and they didn’t lack innovation when they developed these. Definitely worth the money!

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