In 2014 the first computer passed the Turing test by convincing more than 30 percent of participants that it was a 13 year old boy in a 5 minute text conversation. Actually the number was 33 percent. The test, created byAlan Turning in 1950 has been the key milestone in reaching artificial intelligence.

As computing power continues to grow exponentially, expect more and more milestones to be surpassed. What happens when the numbers reach 50 – 60 percent with the computer holding multiple conversations at once? Is it time kiss your crappy call center job goodbye?

Already we have seen dramatic shifts in specific industries as robots replace humans in traditional manufacturing. Your car was mostly assembled by robots and done faster and more precisely than ever could have been accomplished before robots.

So what does the world look like when fewer and fewer of us are necessary? What does it mean when earning money is impossible? What jobs will survive, at least for a while?

As the OEDC (Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development) countries see more and more jobs replaced by machines, class divisions and economic disparity will continue to widen. The United States has a much lower social safety net than most and will see very dramatic social change. Much of this should start bubbling up by 2025 and I would predict upheaval to follow. The gap will continue to widen. As more and more are pushed out of the workforce and upheaval will grow in intensity through 2035 – 2040. At that point, all bets are off.

Social structures and safety nets will have to be reimagined. In the U.S., we will have to start debating a minimum living wage by 2030 and a massive retraining effort for jobs that can’t be filled by the machines. Without such efforts the very existence of capitalism will come into question. It is as simple as: if you can’t earn, I can’t sell you anything and in this system. Neither of us has a significant purpose.

To prepare for this, I urge people looking to enter the workforce or reimagine themselves, to contemplate the things that can’t be readily replaced. Some good questions are: What are career fields where perfection all the time is actually imperfection? When is human connection, understanding, empathy and intuition important? Where does my creativity shine?

The jobs not readily replaced will include human intuition, creativity, touch and face-to-face bonding, at least for a while, until we are socialized differently. Artists, scientists, hairdressers, therapists, salespeople and business executives will be some of the jobs that will maintain relevance long after manufacturing and service industry positions have been phased out.

Start preparing for this future now in any training and job opportunities. Find positions where your empathy, intuition and creativity can shine without being replicated.

Mostly, follow your bliss not what you expect will be profitable.

Live Hard Amigos!

gRant is a musical genius as a past member of the band Fly2Void and is a lifestyle and tech contributor to He is edgy, loves beer and his awesome girlfriend. We love him!