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Music lovers are always trying out new ways to listen, and your smartphone is your best friend when it comes to music. There are plenty of popular and free apps out there for both Android and Apple devices. For instance, Spotify leads the way when it comes to streaming a massive library of music. Some people prefer Pandora for quick and easy playlists based on your personal tastes.

But while we all know about these popular apps, there are much more out there for music lovers to try. To get a unique listening experience, you might want to try some of these different apps. Here are a few well worth checking out.


Do you miss the old fashioned way of flipping through radio stations? Well, the TuneIn Radio app might just be the one for you. Not only can you listen to all your favorite local stations, but you can also go worldwide. You can check out all kinds of music and radio shows from all over the world. You can even record them to listen to later!

It’s available on all Android, Apple, and Windows devices. If you enjoy it on your smartphone, you might also want to use it on your computer. Of course, it’s also perfect for tablets, smart TVs, and games consoles. You can check out the TuneIn site for downloads.

There’s more than enough to check out. If you get sick of listening to music, you could take a listen to the sports and entertainment shows. You could even immerse yourself in a new language with international channels! Whichever way, it’s a lot of fun.

JetAudio Music Player

Most people use the built-in music player on their phone to listen to their MP3s. Of course, you can also listen through streaming apps. But for real, high-definition audio listening, you should get a top notch music player. JetAudio fits the job.JetAudio allows you to listen to tracks with enhanced audio playback. You can play with the settings and really tweak the sound. To get the most of it, you could also get a high-quality pair of speakers. Sites like Speaker Digital can give you some advice. Speakers work great with JetAudio’s surround sound features.

There’s a paid version with a few extra features, but the free version will suit most people. It has everything you’ll need, including high-quality listening.

Guess The Song

Think you’re a music buff? Want to put your knowledge to the test? The Guess The Song app can provide you with hours of fun! It plays tunes from a vast library of music. All you have to do is guess the artist and the song.

There are plenty of categories to choose from. One day you might want to test your knowledge when it comes to 90s Hits. You could also try different genres, such as Country or Rock. You can also play against your friends if you want to get competitive.

As well as being able to guess some of your old favorites, you can also hear many new songs.