By Ashley Richardson

The world is changing. When I was a young man, I was fascinated with a quality knife and the implications it had. We’ve all seen the cars with the bouncing hydraulics? Is that a way to travel in style, or is it a surefire way to get travel sickness without moving forward? With the way modern technology has made how we travel that bit smoother and cooler, are there any more ways we can actually improve the way we move? Let’s have a look at the ways that moving around has become a way of the future.

The Segway

A favourite of Professor Charles Xavier. And who could blame him? It seems the almighty Segway is a way to look like you are some sort of human Johnny Five. With two wheels and simple controls, it helps you zip around short distances while you stand on the platform. It is also incredibly flexible and dynamic. It has its drawbacks, like the speed (you won’t be getting it up to 88 mph!) but if you need to travel short distances, then it will suit your needs perfectly. And you’ll look cool doing it.

The Hoverboard

Segueing nicely (thank you) from the Segway, the hoverboard is not too far removed from the aforementioned device. It has two wheels and zips around in a similar fashion, but the hoverboard is the more compact cousin. It doesn’t have anything for you to rest your arms on, or any controls. The hoverboard works to self balance when you stand on it and, while it doesn’t technically “hover”, it is as close a feeling as you can get. And you don’t need to get a driving license either!

Look at to see if getting a hoverboard floats your boat.

Mobility Scooters

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Whether this is cool, remains to be seen. But I’m sure your grandmother would think it was a trusty steed! While it can’t go at the speed of light, there are ways to modify it to go faster! Maybe it’s time to reclaim the mobility scooter as the cool tool it can be! What better way is there to do your shopping without having to get up? It is, after all, a moving armchair. And it’s got a basket!

The Self Driving Car


The thought of a car that drives itself might be one to give people nightmares, but this is becoming a reality very quickly. There are still issues being put forward in relation to the safety of it, but in a few years, they will be everywhere. And by then, driving your own car will be the equivalent of driving stick. What this will do for people is anyone’s guess. No doubt there will be people excited by the prospect of not needing to drive again in their life, and others who might be frightened. Either way, it is a step into the future and opens up the debate of self taught machines.

So, there are a few ways of getting places in a trendy fashion. If you want to use your legs like everyone else, that’s fine. But it is not so cool, as everyone does it these days.

Ashley Richardson is the Chief Marketing Officer and the latest addition to the Zenruption team. She studied at Boise State Unversity and changed her major 12 times before finding her true love in the study of Law. Her life goals include traveling the world, petting all the cats and burning the establishment to the ground.