In business, employees are often our best friends. They help run our business, they give us advice, they warn us of any problems in our business, and they might even help you with personal issues. It goes without saying that the relationship between a boss and their employees is an important one, and if you don’t take that bond seriously, your business could end up in a gutter sooner than you might expect. 

Not only do employees look after our business, they also contribute to its growth. When you assign a marketing expert to run a promotional campaign, you do so by trusting them with your business. If they do something stupid because they don’t like working for you, or if they only do the bare minimum required, then your business could end up becoming a laughing stock. If you truly want to trust your employees with your business and improve their productivity, then you have to care about their well-being. 

In order to give you some advice, here are a couple of ways to improve their well-being. These are cheap and effective ways to boost their motivation, and they require almost no time investment. 


Health and safety

With the summer coming up, health and safety will become an even bigger issue. Dehydration is a major problem and the effects of the heat can slow businesses down if they aren’t managed carefully. Make sure you book a meeting with Harster Heating & Air Conditioning to determine if your cooling systems are up to par, make sure you have a water cooler in your office and don’t neglect to give your employees regular breaks to overcome any temperature problems.

Personal issues

When your employees come into work with a painful look, speak to them. It’s important to try and understand the issues your employees are going through so that you don’t accidentally push them or aggravate them. Allow them to take time off if needed, and take an interest in their personal issues to show you care about their well-being.

Provide comforts

From better office chairs to a tea kettle in the kitchen, providing basic comforts is a fantastic way to make your employees feel more comfortable in the workplace. Listen to their concerns if they have any, and utilize your business budget to improve the office.

Remind them of their holidays

You never want to withhold this kind of information. If your employees deserve a holiday or are due for one, remind them about it. Let them take time off for their own needs so they can come back to work with a refreshed mind.

Deal with disputes

Employees arguing? Remember to split them up and speak to them individually. Divides among your staff are never a good sign and it takes a lot of work to fix broken relationships, but you need them to get along to make your workplace more productive. Settle disputes as soon as you can and show both parties that you’re a team that has to work together.