When you run your own business, you can often be constantly thinking of new ways to generate income, sales and gain customers. It’s a never ending battle. Then, when you run a business online, you often have a lot to keep up with. Online business and marketing trends come and go quicker than offline, so you can often be struggling to keep up. However, if you’re serious about growing your online business, and you want to avoid failure, here are a few insanely effective strategies that you should try out immediately.


First up, you have an online business, so you’ve got to be operating with ecommerce, right? If not, you should start. Selling products and services online is super easy - you can even do it from your business. Even if you’re a seller on eBay, who’s to say you can’t start your own online store? To do this, not only do you need sufficient web hosting, like the services by Bash Foo, but you’re also going to need an ecommerce platform or plugin to run your online sales from.

Affiliate Marketing

Next, you need to be working with affiliate marketing. Whether you are an online retailer and you’re looking to boost your product or service sales, or you’re an online publication, you can use affiliate marketing to seriously crank up those sales. As a merchant, you can allow publishers to drive sales of your products for a small percentage - which will increase your sales. And if you’re a publisher, you can earn commission for promoting products that you may already be talking out - just by using affiliate marketing software.

Blogger Outreach

Then there’s always the option to work with bloggers. Bloggers are everywhere at the moment. You can find bloggers that have a lot of influence online, along with bloggers that specialize in a particular niche. So, why not work with them to boost your online business? Even if you know nothing about SEO at the moment, you’ll know that you want to rank well in different search engine results, and working with bloggers can help with that. Depending on your product or service, you may also be able to generate sales with bloggers too.

Social Sponsorship

Or, maybe your online business is a blog! You may be thinking of ways that you can take it to the next level and gain more income from something you love. Well, alongside flipping the idea of blogger outreach around and working with brands, you’ve also got the option of social sponsorship. If you have strong social profiles and content relevant to brands, you can make money as an influencer online that can increase your personal brand.

Passive Income

And finally, regardless of the nature of your online business, you will always have the option to earn passive income. Passive income refers to making money automatically, without having to work for it every single time. You can simply set something up and leave it to make money. An example of this would be a downloadable product. You make that product, like an ebook, and sell it on your site as a download - meaning you make money each time it’s downloaded, without having to do anything.