If you have ever tried conducting research on your own, you probably have firsthand experience of how difficult it is to get a healthy number of people to take part in the study. There really is no point of going through all the hassles of conducting a research when you do not have a significant amount of participants to conduct the research on.

The number of participants is what is going to give validation to the findings of your research. And getting significant results is kind of what every researcher strives for. If you are a market researcher looking for ways to get more people to participate in your study, keep on reading because we have you covered.

Rewards and Incentives:

People might not be willing to be a part of your study for free, but they might change their mind about things when given an incentive or a reward of some sort. The reason why this works is because the participants feel that whatever effort and time they are putting in to help you prove the purpose of the study is being acknowledged.

While that’s the easy part, the difficult part is what incentives or rewards should you be giving to your participants? Most market researchers stick with simple cash payments because well, everyone could use a little bit of extra cash on the side. The participants know confirmed that their efforts are being recognized and hence, they would be that much more willing to participate.

However, some market researchers opt to be a little creative with their rewards. They are of the opinion that why just stick to monetary incentives when you have so many other cool options to pick from which can equally encourage people to be more excited about the study.

Games and books, movie tickets, gift vouchers etc can also be used as incentives and rewards to encourage market research participation. The participants of today, especially the younger lot, are actually pretty keen on this idea.

Once the market researcher decided what rewards they would like to give to the participants, the next problem arises how to do that? Sure, there is the option of physically handing out the incentives to the participants but this can be only done when there are just a limited number of participants to handle. 8/10 researches involve hundreds and hundreds of participants because the greater the number of people participating in your study, the more value your results would actually have. So a physical reward and incentive platform may not be convenient at all.

Thankfully, cloud computing has made the lives of market researchers quite easy! Now they can send several different types of rewards and incentives to their participants irrespective of how many they may be in number.

It’s quick, easy and efficient for both the researchers and the participants of the study. Interested market researchers can look up for e-reward providers online and choose one which is according to their needs and budget.