Are you an Employer of Choice?

Corporate culture has seen a major transition in the last decade. The workforce today largely comprises of the Millennials. Their work ethic and preferences are significantly different to those of previous generations. Financial security is not the only factor this generation looks for while considering a prospective job opportunity. They also seek for a work environment that gives them the space and authority to do tasks in their own way. They also seek for personal and professional growth opportunities within the organization.

Based on these demands, workplaces have altered their operating dynamics so that they better suit the requirements of their workforce.

Employer of choice is not just a fancy word used in the corporate sector. It defines a whole new dimension of the corporate culture. It shows that in recent times it is not only the employers who seek for favorable qualities in the employees but it is also the other way round.

So what does it take to be an employer of choice? Here are a few defining characteristics that make you a favourable employer.

1. Empowerment

You give your employees the freedom and authority to take their own decisions. This gives them a sense of ownership and they are more likely to put 100% efforts into the tasks they feel they are responsible for.

2. Appreciation

Employee recognition plays an important role in motivating the employees. Appreciate your employees on their successful feat and give them the credit for their work. It not only motivates the concerned person but also creates an overall positive workplace environment. It stimulates a health competition between the employees and everyone strives to produce better results.

3. Growth

Personal and professional growth is one of the most important deciding factors for this generation while choosing a job. An ideal employer focuses on training the employees for the challenges they can experience in their relevant fields. This is the reason most workplaces have opted for innovative human resource practices. Organisations make sure to organise training workshops and networking seminars for the employees. They also set up a reward and appreciation system to keep the employees motivated.

4. Job Security

To know their job is secure is probably one of the most basic requirements for any employee. They invest their time in learning the job requirements and put in efforts to adapt to the workplace culture. And in return they seek for job security so that they can focus on their work without worry.-

So are you an employer of choice? And if not then identify the areas where you are lacking. Opting for an employee focused culture has proven to be beneficial for both, the companies and the employees.