There is a growing trend among brands and businesses of working alongside bloggers for their latest campaigns. It could be to promote new products, help increase awareness of a brand or project, as well as being able to hone into your target much more easily than with other channels.

A study in 2012 found that over sixty percent of people choose to make a purchase on the recommendation of a blogger. It also found that over eighty percent trust bloggers voice and opinions and advice from bloggers rather than just seeing an advert on television, for example. And with social media being so prevalent these days, it is easy to connect the two. Having said that, in the same study, it found that only a third of people would make a purchase based on a Facebook recommendation or a social media promoted ad. So just think for a minute how much your brand or business spends on promoting social media ads. Could it be worth investing that money into bloggers instead? If you’re not currently working with bloggers, here are some reasons why you should be.


You Can Focus on Your Target Market

The followers a blogger has will be similar to what they are like. So working with them can be an easy way to be specific about your target market. If your brand would be perfect for parents, then looking for some top parent bloggers would be a good place to look. A beauty product aimed at teens? Then a younger beauty or style blogger would be the best place to go. When a blogger tries your service of product and gives their honest opinion on it, their followers (your target audience) are much more likely to listen and then look into your service or product. You can’t be as specific with your target audience on things like magazine or TV ads, so this is a big consideration to think about.

They Are Powerful Influencers

More and more, brands and using bloggers as the face of their ads or campaigns. There is a big shift in the pattern from using celebrities for brand endorsements, so it is quite an exciting change. Consumers are very much in the ‘celebrities will promote anything as long as they are paid well camp.’ They don’t want to be fooled. With a shift in buying online a much bigger thing, it makes way for bloggers and influencers. If you’re not using them already, then you could search for influencers online and see how they could be used to help your business. It can end up being quite cost effective too.

Get Your Brand Name or Business Talked About

There is nothing better than word of mouth recommendations. But gone are the days when it is just one person telling a colleague about a great restaurant they ate at last night. Bloggers are all over social media, and they will share all of this kind of thing with their followers. Even for the people that don’t follow can search on social media and search engines and then find these word of mouth reviews.