Being passionate about your business is the key requirement for business owners. Passion is a drive that enables you to inspire others and to push your team and yourself to always reach better results. However, passion is difficult to share. It’s not something that you can simply talk about. It’s something that your team and your customers need to experience. While Steve Jobs is probably the best example of a passionate leader, who believed in changing the world and giving technology its truthful place in the household of many, you don’t need to be like him to create passion. All you need to do is to create ways for your team and your customers to be able to engage at an emotional level with your brand. Sounds difficult? It’s exactly why you have tools such as digital technology, leadership classes and emotional intelligence to make the most of this tricky but not impossible task.

Make Your Brand Engaging

At the core of your business, your online presence – or to put it in other words, your website – will define how potential customers perceive your brand. Indeed, the user experience is a key element of brand identity, and it’s not uncommon for customers to reject brands that don’t deliver any ergonomic not inspiring online engagement. You will need to present your business with a powerful and smart website. This will require working in collaboration with an expert design agency – you can see the full list here – that understands your target audience and your creative branding image. An engaging website tells a story: it’s not about the practicality of the menu bar or the number of clicks that are necessary to navigate the website. It’s about being able to take the visitor on a journey through your offer and your story.

Web design

Make Your Online Business Trustworthy

From a content perspective, you will need your website to put the visitor at ease. They need to know that they are safe with you so that they can relax and enjoy the story. Simple tricks such as using credible and real testimonials – a video case study is a great way to do that, for example – can help to build your reputation. Additionally, useful content and imagery – don’t use stock images as these have been seen too often and become worthless – add a layer of honesty that your visitors will appreciate. Finally, if you are using card payment, you need to show your customers that their personal data are safe with PCI DSS compliance and https URLs.

Keep data safe

Make Your Employees Feel Like A Million Bucks

Last, but not least, is how your employees feel about your company. There is only so much training that you can do to share your passion with them. The best way is to show them your appreciation, by letting them know that you’ve noticed their input. Additionally, taking an interest in their opinions and lives is essential. As a general rule of the thumb, employees who feel that the boss cares are more likely to care about the business in return. It’s an exchange of emotional intelligence.

Also founder of  Jerry Mooney Books

Also founder of Jerry Mooney Books