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To fully address safety and security issues, every business needs to take a multi-faceted approach. As well as the physical safety of cash and valuables at the office such as computing equipment, we also have to be safe online too. Fraud, rinsed bank accounts and stolen customer details to aid in identity theft are all very real threats. Here are some of the ways you can keep your business as safe as possible.

Get Insured

Making sure you are protected if things go wrong is one of the most important things you can do as a business. Business contents insurance will protect the physical items used for your business such as computers, smartphones and anything else that’s used inside or outside the office. There are a number of different insurances you need as a business, while not relating to theft you will need public liability insurance. This is case someone or their property gets damaged due to your business, otherwise you will be left massively out of pocket and probably bankrupt. You will need employers insurance to protect your workers too.

Use a Good Security System

Many burglars target offices as they know they contain lots of valuable items. You spend time and money locking up and protecting your home so why wouldn’t you do the same for your office? Companies like HS Tech Group have video surveillance for business which is one useful step. Making sure your building has a professionally fitted burglar alarm is another. If you’re renting office premises when you’re deciding on an office choose one which is alarmed and secure. Ideally, choose an office that’s not on the ground floor either since these are more susceptible to theft.

Back Up To The Cloud

The problem with backing up data to physical hard drives is that things can happen to the copies. Theft, fire or flooding can all pose a huge issue. To combat this, back up data to cloud-based servers instead. Here information is encrypted so is kept safe, and is practical since workers can login and access it from any computer- whether it’s at home or in the office. Plus there’s no chance of losing date on physical files.

Put Cash in a Safe

If your business takes cash from customers or clients, making sure this is properly put away is key. It should be taken to the bank at regular intervals to avoid too much being left on site. Any cash and valuables you do have need to be locked in a heavy duty safe. This, of course, needs to be securely bolted down to avoid burglars simply walking off with it and breaking it open once they’re away.

Use Strong Passwords

Most elements of your business will be run online, so make sure all of your accounts are secured with very strong passwords. This will stop you from becoming targets to hackers. Do some research into online safety and make sure that you’re following up to date advice.