Websites in this day and age are hugely important. They are like a storefront, and represent your website in the virtual world. When someone first lands on your website they get a first impression that cannot be changed. There are so many considerations that make up the successful website. Some of them depend what kind of business you are. If you own a physical store or restaurant then the website won’t be as important, but if you only use a website to push your products and services, think similar to amazon, then the website is simply everything. Here are some tips in no particular order that you should consider when running and creating a website. You may have thought of some already, but the others can give you a boost and get your ideas flowing.

Is Your Website Visible?

A key question you must ask yourself is whether your website is visible or not. It needs to be visible so that people can see it. If they can’t see it or don’t know it exists then no one will be able to purchase from you. Just think back to when you surf the web. Do you ever go onto the second or third page for your search? Most people don’t. If you aren’t on it the first page of the customer’s search then you are likely going to be skipped over for a competitor. There are ways to get your site more visible. First, you need to consider an SEO agency like They can help you appear on the first page of search engines like google. You can of course do your best to make it visible. Create social media business accounts and post great content that links back to your site. Do the same for some relevant blogs. You could also consider paid advertising. Just be sure to find the best advertising streams you can that hits your key demographic instead of jumping at the first opportunity you see.



Does It Reflect Your Branding?

Your website needs to reflect your branding. If it doesn’t then you are doing your business an injustice. People need to be able to link your website to your advertising or products. Make sure the design of the website is based on the colour scheme of your branding so that it is instantly recognisable and that people can link it with other areas. If it looks totally different they may think they are on the wrong site. Look at some other websites and see how well they use branding to draw people in and make them feel secure.

Is It Too Complicated?

You don’t want your website to be overly complicated. If it is, you may end up annoying people and forcing them to leave. Don’t let there be too many click throughs before they get to where they want to be. If there is then they could become frustrated. Test your site before it goes live. Check everything that you can and make sure it all fits well together. Ensure there are no glitches that will hurt your business’ reputation.