by Jerry Mooney

When we think of the 21st century, we often associate it with all things technological. After all, we’ve seen the dawn of the internet over the past couple of decades, and this boom in tech has helped to kick-start the beginning of new industries and businesses providing a lot of new products and services that we never knew we needed. So, this has got many people wondering whether the face of business enterprises and small companies is now much different to what it was at the very end of the 20th century. Many industry experts believe that a lot has certainly changed, and the following are some of the most telling features.



You Are Part Of A Network

Back in the 1970s and 1980s, business was a very cut-throat world to be in. But that isn’t really the case anymore. Sure, companies still need to compete for new business, that hasn’t changed. But rather than being such a cut-throat world, business has actually become a lot friendlier. In fact, most modern companies understand the benefits of creating a network so that they can help one another.

Your Website Wins Most Of Your New Business

Just a few decades ago, entrepreneurs and business owners had to be ready for the hard sell. They used to have to pitch their business and product to potential clients in very stressful meetings. But now, thanks to the internet and new digital marketing techniques, your website can win you some new clients for you. And this makes a lot more time for business owners so they can get on with some other responsibilities.


You Put Your Brand First

Another of the defining factors of 21st-century enterprises is the fact that they always put their brand first. This hasn’t always been the case. Before the internet took off, many businesses were only interested in creating products to sell in their home country. But now that international expansion is a big reality for many companies, they now place their loyalty in their brand rather than their country. They push their brand out into international markets and use it to sell a range of different products that will appeal to various nationalities.

There’s A Focus On Cloud-Based Computing

Remember when offices were filled with lots and lots of filing cabinets and other large and bulky storage units? They were necessary for all the paperwork that needed storing, such as documents, contracts, and signed agreements. Well, now many 21st-century companies are moving away from all that paper and transplanting all of their digital documents onto cloud-based services. Not only are they a lot securer than storing heaps of paperwork, but it also means that they are backed up. So, even if you do lose a hard copy, you can always print out the digital copy from the cloud service.

As you can see, there are a few distinct features that define the successful 21st-century company. If you own business has these, then it should be set up for a long future of success!