Everyone has new startup ideas popping into their heads on a regular basis. Perhaps you could start an idea that no one has thought of, maybe you see an unmet niche in an industry you’re familiar with, or perhaps you want to take the dive and tackle a new project to gain more experience. Whatever your reasons for starting a new business, there’s one industry that is always booming and always welcoming new talent: restaurants.

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Be it a humble mom and pop restaurant, a trendy fast food location or an extravagant restaurant that all the celebrities go to, there are countless ideas to play with and it’s easy to start one up assuming you have a solid plan. But starting up a business on your own is never easy, so here are a couple of good ideas to get you started and reasons why you should invest in a restaurant.

Unleashing creativity and passion

If you feel passionate about food or deem yourself as a creative type, then you can never go wrong with a restaurant venture. You can base it around food that you enjoy, you can focus on what’s trendy in the area, or you could meet a niche that hasn’t been explored. For instance, Korean food was largely unheard of until the last few years. The popularity exploded and you can now find countless Korean restaurants and barbeque locations to eat at. However, it’s important that no matter what idea you plan to use, it has to be consistent so that your customers return.

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It’s easy to setup

A restaurant doesn’t take too much work to set up. All you really need are some chefs, a couple of tables and chairs, a good idea and a kitchen. Of course, there is stock to manage, health and safety to think about and kitchen equipment for your chosen cuisine. You can equip your kitchen with extractor fans for commercial kitchens if you need extra power to exhaust fumes from frying and grilling, and you can find cheap industrial spaghetti and pasta machines if you know where to look. You also have the option of setting up a takeout location that doesn’t need many tables and chairs, if any at all.

People love to eat

No matter what you sell, people will always be curious enough to come and visit your location should they pass by. If you get a decent amount of foot traffic or advertise your business locally, you’ll get plenty of business by just being around and offering food to paying customers. It’s a business that will always get customers unless your food is horrible and your customer service is atrocious.

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Using the internet is simple

Many restaurant owners are turning to services such as Uber Eats to promote their business online. Their fleet of drivers and riders can help you turn your static location into a local sensation if you offer online delivery, and there’s no easier way to do that than to register yourself with Uber Eats or a similar service to get your food into the hands of everyone that lives locally.