A consistent behavioral pattern in the way a business, well, goes about its business, means that it is more likely to appeal and keep a devoted customer base. This is because customers like to know exactly what to expect, especially when it comes to the business of making money — once they find a place that offers this, they will return to it.

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Consistency is vital to life because the alternative, inconsistency, causes people to believe those who practice it to have an alternative motive. So, imagine if a business had a client base that thought it was disingenuous — to be blunt, it wouldn't remain as a business much longer. In order to retain a clientele therefore, a business must show consistency in ALL aspects of its dealings and production, but here are just a few:

  • Using the same type of graphics, i.e. vector graphics, of which can be found on www.popicon.com. A disciplined use of one type of graphic creates a consistent look and feel for your overall project, even if the images are used in separate articles or places.

  • Your website design must be sleek and coherent. This means that the home page must have the same layout, use the same font type, utilise the same colour scheme, and so on. Like the shop windows of businesses of past generations, your website is the place that shows prospective customers everything they could possibly want to see, and quickly. And with searching and shopping from smartphones and tablets, otherwise known as mobile commerce, soaring in popularity, your website must be responsive to mobile devices; simply meaning they must work just as clearly and coherently as the full version. Website design tips can be sought here, if you are yet to embrace the technological advances of the modern world.

  • Being consistent with what is on offer, and to whom. One client can't receive special treatment, for example, when another doesn’t. Unless somebody is paying for a higher service, they should get the same produce that everybody else on that pay range is getting.

  • Never stop producing (unless because of extenuating circumstances), no matter what it is that you produce. Breaks in the production line will make customers lose patience. Consistency in the production induces a consistency in the customer base.

  • Have a constant string of goals for you and your business to hit. Bruce Lee agrees that in order to start a business, you first have to know what you want. From there on, you must know what you and your business want every week. When you set goals, use the S.M.A.R.T criteria.

As well as the advice on remaining consistent in all aspects of business, there are whole host of other tips that business owners shouldn’t ignore. But for now, getting yourself into a disciplined consistency with your work will not only help you go to bed every night feeling on top of your little world, but your business will soon be on top of its own.