When your business starts to take off, and you are in a position to think about what premises to invest in, you are finally in a position to figure out how you would like to lay your space out to be at its most appealing. The vast majority of commercial businesses don’t tend to benefit from the standard layout anymore. Here are two types of businesses, both very common, and some approaches to take should you be in the position to invest in your own property.




The standard office is a dull, anodyne affair. Gone are the days of cramming in as many desks as you can. If you want to make your office a thriving hub, try some of these.

Removing the cubicles and walls: with everything crammed together, this is a sure-fire way to make people rub each other up the wrong way. It is so claustrophobic in the typical contact center that it looks like a factory line, hardly the best image for a hub of activity.

Standing desks: a move that is being used a lot more by offices is to install standing desks as a replacement for the typical ones. As well as it taking up a lot less space than your standard desk and chair set, it is removing the option of sitting down. And as sitting down is now being purported to be bad for your health, this is a good combatant, and as sitting down is a productivity killer, you are helping your business progress in leaps and bounds.


A relaxation space: another notion being conjured up by bigger companies is the fact that relaxation aids productivity, and not a meditation room, but somewhere with games and consoles. It actually has been shown to increase workplace productivity.




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It’s all about the experience, not just the food itself! The mood of the evening from the customer’s perspective is the most important thing to take away from a dining experience. How is this perfected?

Create the ambiance: whatever your food is will determine your style and setting. Smooth jazz will echo a sentiment of relaxation and linen tablecloths, whereas loud music will imply a busier and more frenetic lifestyle with plastic chairs and a “get in, get out” mentality.


Keep your style, but also be economical with your choices: it is very tempting to seat as many customers as you can because this is a way to get more money, but this compromises the experience of the customers. There are many places that have this mentality, but if you wouldn’t enjoy it, why would anybody else? Thinking about factors such as your commercial lighting design to really give it an edge will make your customers think of returning. Investing in something as important as lighting may seem like an irrelevant choice when there are other priorities, but this is an essential factor to giving an overall positive impression.


Give the customer what they want: this is very important in a dining scenario. Customers will not want to sit near a bathroom, or they will be quite particular with their wants. They all need to be catered for. So, installing a waiting area if there is an influx of customers will help, or use an area that is not favored by customers as a place where staff can go.