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When trying to attract new staff and customers, the role of business premises is often underutilized. This can be short-sighted as your location and the building you work in have a direct impact on the people you attract.


There are many ways to attract and retain staff. The location is one of those. Think carefully about road networks and transport systems. How easy is it to get to your premises? If employees are getting stuck in traffic day after day and spending hours on the road, they’re unlikely to stay with you. The same is true for customers. If they’re attending for meetings but have difficulty in getting to you, they may consider more convenient competitors.

The locality is also important. How easy is it for staff to go out at lunchtime to buy a greeting card or a gift? Are there plenty of places to eat and socialize? What about gyms and places to exercise?

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The facilities within your place of work cannot be underestimated. They are particularly important to staff as they will be working there each day. Good facilities may include:

  • Adequate numbers of toilets and washing facilities that are well-maintained

  • Shower facilities for members of staff who work on the factory floor or who cycle to work

  • Adequate, secure car parking spaces

  • A secure area to lock up cycles

  • Well-functioning and well-maintained machinery

  • Break out rooms for brainstorming and informal meetings

  • Ample areas to eat lunch and take breaks

  • Tea and coffee making facilities and access to drinking water

  • Some businesses offer catering facilities for staff

  • With well-documented companies such as Google taking facilities to the next level, there is a greater emphasis on entertainment within offices

  • Up-to-date equipment and the latest software programs

  • Access to tech and building support in case of issues

  • Solid, reliable access to the internet

Clients will need significantly less in terms of facilities. For them, modern, spacious meeting rooms that are well-networked and comfortable are likely to be sufficient. Though good catering supplies are also important.

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Premises must be well-maintained and kept in tip-top condition. This includes everything from emptying trash each evening to cleaning shared facilities and maintaining factory areas. Dirty offices with poorly maintained washroom facilities are off-putting to staff and visitors. They are also a potential health hazard.

If you work in a factory or plant, cleanliness is vital to ongoing operations. Machinery, factory floors, work areas, etc. will need professional cleaning with hot water pressure washers. It is worth investing in good quality cleaning equipment from manufacturers that are industry experts.

The outside of the premises is also important. Gardeners should be enlisted to keep on top of grassed areas, trees, and shrubs, etc. This will be the first thing that potential new staff and clients will see and will form part of their first impression.

>There are multiple factors that are important when it comes to attracting new staff and customers. Your marketing strategy will play a big role in this, as will your ethos and values. The relevance of business premises should not be underestimated, both in terms of locality and the building itself. Neglect this, and you may miss out on lucrative opportunities.