By Jerry Mooney

Corporate enterprises often get criticized for being greedy and not thinking about the customer. After all, they want to make money and don’t care how. But, if you look at successful firms and their leaders, this isn’t the case. Mark Zuckerberg announced a few years ago he was giving away more than 90% of his wealth. Bill Gates is a well-known philanthropist who donates millions to charitable causes every year. And, Elon Musk is creating an eco-friendly product which may save the world. Are these three people and their organisations unpopular and ostracized?

Here are more business benefits of being selfless.

Shifts Perceptions

The idea of self-promoting good causes isn’t one which seems organic. However, it’s the only way to show customers and potential leads that you are genuine. Let’s face it – consumers don’t see much outside of their bubble. Even when they do, it isn’t rare for them to view it with suspicion. The Issa Asad Facebook page is an example of a perfect antidote. It never tries to sell anything, nor does it attempt to distort or bend the facts. It merely puts the truth out into the world for others to see. People will make up their minds and change their opinions accordingly. But, self-promotion can’t seem immodest or smug.

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Changing Public Opinion

In the past, customers didn’t care about where the product came from or how it came into their lives. All people cared about were getting a quality item or service at an affordable price. Attitudes aren’t the same any longer because the public is more involved with the supply chain and foreign workers. Nowadays, the least they expect is that the product doesn’t exploit anyone or force them to work in terrible conditions. If people find out the supply chain is rotten, they will boycott the company. The best option is to go the extra mile.

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Positive Publicity

There is no point pretending it’s all for a good cause. Selfless good deeds don’t exist because someone always benefits. In this case, it’s the company. Sponsoring an event not only raises awareness of the cause but also recognition of the firm. People see your involvement and make a positive judgement on the spot. And, why wouldn’t they? If a company is good enough to pick up the tab, there is no reason to view it harshly. At least, that is how the majority of people feel when they see a partnership.

Employee Engagement

Workers want more than a steady paycheck. Of course, money is essential because nothing comes for free. However, their lives don’t revolve around the almighty dollar. Instead, they prefer things which are engaging, interactive and challenging. For one thing, it keeps them interested and occupied. For another, it gives them a sense of purpose. From a business point of view, helping others helps everything from output to productivity. When employees are happy and focused, they are as efficient as possible. Plus, it helps the business engage with the community.

Being cold and distant is in the past. Nowadays, it’s about being warm and helpful.