by Jerry Mooney


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Businesses have long had to use complex filing systems to be able to manage all of the data which they handle. In the past, this would involve extensive paper records, and there were loads of different ways to sort the documents you would be using the most. Nowadays, though, this has moved to digital platforms, with the vast majority of companies using computers for the bulk of their work. Instead of vast filing cabinets, server racks have become much more common, though the cloud revolution is finally in full swing, and having your own servers can often be unnecessarily expensive. To help you see the benefits of the cloud, this post will be exploring them for you, giving you the chance to break away from the old and embrace the new.


The costs of data storage have long been a concern for businesses of all sizes. In the past, cloud services would often charge huge amounts for any reasonable amount of storage, but this has changed to become far more affordable. In fact, in most cases, using a cloud system will be far cheaper than having your own servers. Not only will you avoid the costs of hardware and experts to keep it running, but you will also have the chance to save money on things like electricity and space. This will make covering your storage needs far cheaper.


One of the key issues which modern businesses face is data protection. You need to keep your customer’s data protected at all times, with threats like theft being a serious issue, and having on-site servers makes you directly responsible for this. When you use cloud hosted solutions, you can safely rely on the companies providing it to you to manage the security which comes with it. Along with this, it’s also worth thinking about backups. When you have a lot of important data stored, it becomes crucial that you have the right backups, as this will ensure that you don’t lose data in even the worst of emergencies. Cloud systems make this possible, while also protecting your data from internal threats, like fires or floods.


There are few things worse than arriving at a meeting somewhere far away and realizing that you don’t have the documents you need to be able to handle it properly. With old-fashioned on-site systems which don’t have remote access, this can be impossible to solve, and even more modern options are often quite slow. Cloud storage tools don’t suffer with this, having been designed for people to connect remotely. They will be fast, secure, and, most importantly, accessible from anywhere, making them perfect for anyone going through this process.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of ditching on-site servers in favor of the cloud. A lot of companies are taking this action, making their business more secure through off-site servers, and you’re only a couple of steps away from taking it yourself. This is often far better than upgrading the hardware you’ve already got.