by Zoe Zorka

When it comes to spending time online we have things we love to do, for some, it is scrolling facebook, for others is checking the football scores and others it's Satta Matka numbers. But you could be spending your time productively and still enjoying those things too. Due to the massive amount of information we have at any given moment on the internet, it is surprisingly we get anything done. But if you focus your efforts, then you will find yourself putting your energy into things that are going to be more productive. 

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Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash - CC0


While we still attend schools, colleges, and evening classes, we can expand our horizons even more by learning online. We can now take MIT standard classes, learn to code, build websites, and learn new languages too. You can take courses, listen to podcasts or audiobooks. Learning has never been as easy as it is now, and most of the time, it is free too. 


If you work from home or have a side income, then you can be taking steps to improve the speed at which you do things. Or, you can simply organize your own life a little better. Find tools like Buffer and MissingLettr to automate your social media, Unroll to clean your inbox and making use of the calendar that works on your phone and computer are just the start. Big projects can be handled seamlessly with Evernote and team projects with Trello. It just makes sense to make other areas of your life streamlined so you can enjoy time spent elsewhere. 

Smarter Shopping

If you love to shop, shopping online might just be ideal for you. You can spend time looking for coupons, vouchers, and money off deals to make sure you have what you need. Utilizing cashback schemes via your browsers like Topcashback or Quidco means you can shop AND get cash for doing so. 

If you don’t love sharing those card details to make purchases, you can use it to window shop and plan what you are going to buy when you have the time to hit the shops. 


Unlike learning, you might spend time researching about things you want to do in the future. Finding the best upcoming travel deals or planning the best route to a party or event you need to attend. Once you have found the information you are looking for, you can choose to add it into the learning category but taking a deeper dive, or save it for an occasion you need it. 


If you have been looking for a new hobby, then the internet might just have the answers for you. There are going to be so many more local places listed online than you might otherwise know about. You will be able to find the contact details for the tutor or group and arrange to go and check it out. Or, you might opt to simply follow youtube tutorials and improve your hobby (or get it started), from the comfort of your own home. 

The internet allows us to do so much more than simply browse Facebook, so make the most of it!