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Photo courtesy of Flickr

Backing up your business data in the cloud is not an easy thing to do. In the first place, you need to understand the basic process of encrypting the data before you even think of keeping it in the cloud. Moreover, you need to master the process of storing the data in multiple locations for you to successfully use the services. You can click here for additional information on how to successfully backup your data but here are six ways that you can use to simplify cloud backup for your business.

1. Automate the backup process

It is very tedious to physically carry out the backup process every time you have made a lot of changes to your original copy of data and you need the changes to be reflected on your backed-up copy. Also, it does not make sense for you to use a method that you do not understand how it works. It is because of these reasons that it is advisable to use a secure automated data backup process on your data. Such a process saves you the time and energy to make all the changes that you need to implement on your backed-up data copies. You can check here for additional information on automating the data backup process.

2. Use a public data storage cloud

Public data storage clouds are regarded as more secure than the other alternatives that you must store your data. The good news about using the public cloud is that the company that runs the service will oversee the security of your data. Although you still need to do a few things to ensure that your data is secure, this is nothing compared to the level of responsibility that you may be required to have if you use any other method. Therefore, it is wiser to use a public cloud to keep your business data secure than utilizing any other method.

3. Use encryption keys

This is an important method that you can use to simplify cloud backup for your business. Encryption keys help to restrict the people who can access and use your data. If you use encryption keys on your backed-up data, only those ones who have the keys can modify the data. The reason for you to use encryption keys on your data is simple: it minimizes the chances of third parties accessing and modifying your data without your express permission. Also, when you use encryption, you prevent data thieves from accessing the information. If hackers get your encrypted data, they must find a way of hacking the encryption keys for them to use the data. Thus, by using encryption keys, you make it difficult for third parties who do not have your permission to access your data.

4. Store your backed-up data in multiple locations

Storing your backed-up data in multiple locations is as a precautionary measure against the many challenges that organizations face when backing up their data. For example, if you keep your backed-up data in one location, you may end up losing it if a natural disaster occurs in the region. An unlikely event such as a flood or even a hurricane may physically damage the resources that you use to store your data. It is because of this eventuality that you need to use multiple locations to store your data.

5. Use simple backup methods

There are many backup methods that are available for data managers to use. The choice of the specific method that you use depends on the level of competence in your organization as well as the kind of data that you would like to backup. Basically, the incremental method is the easiest to use because of the way it eliminates the need for data professionals to backup entire copies of their data. If you automate the process, then all the changes that you make on your data are included in the backed-up copy of your data periodically.

6. It’s Easy to Use

Cloud-based computer technology has been available for several years now, which means it’s been developed and enhanced countless times, meaning for you it’s now easier than ever to implement into your business and start using.
What’s more, the plans surrounding these providers are simpler. If you need more or less space, want to change your access or user information, or have the ability to access your data from anywhere in the world, it’s never been easier to do so. Check out the 
user management system - access rights software by SolarWinds to get an idea of best effective cloud access implementations.

7. Understand trends

Understanding trends are perhaps one of the most overlooked ways of simplifying data backup process by organizations. Many companies stick to their old practices of backing up data, thus effectively forgetting that the science of data management is changing drastically. Therefore, for you to make it easy by using the latest trends that your service provider recommends.  

In summary, you can effectively simplify the process of using cloud storage services by using any of these methods to control the process. You can effectively reduce the risks that are associated with the process of backing up data in public cloud services by using these ways.