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While the internet has had a huge impact on so many aspects of our lives, one area where it has become absolutely essential is in the world of business. For many entrepreneurs, the world wide web has become a key tool as they look to take on larger rivals and make a mark in their respective fields.

Setting up a website is undoubtedly a core part of growing a venture, but once it is up and running, how can you get people to visit it? According to the 2019 Digital Marketing Strategies Survey by Ascend2, increasing website traffic is one of the top strategic priorities for marketing influencers across this year and here we provide a few of our ideas on how to bring people into your online domain.

1. Embrace promotions

It might seem like an obvious step, but that is for good reason. Offering customers or potential clients incentives to visit a site is a great way to draw them in and ensure they learn all about your brand.

The right deals and promotions could be useful in this regard, but be sure not to just limit your plans to acquiring new interest. Research has shown that repeat customers can be hugely valuable, with an Adobe study quoted by, in fact, revealing that they are nine times more likely to convert than a first-time shopper.

2. Engaging content

Another approach to boosting traffic could be to provide content which is both engaging and supports your primary purpose. For example, a supermarket like Sainsbury's has a whole website devoted to recipes and food ideas, which supports its fundamental work as a food retailer. In addition, bet365 offers rugby union betting services but supports that activity by also providing news on the latest developments in the sport.

The aforementioned Ascend2 research found that 58 per cent of marketing influencers regarded content marketing as the most effective tactic in their strategies.

3. Social media


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Another tactic favoured by influencers in the Ascend2 study was social media marketing, with 30 per cent of those polled saying it was their most effective tactic.

As well as giving you a chance to promote a website, social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram provide businesses with an important opportunity to engage their audience and give the general public a feel for what they do. Not only can this ensure a brand appears approachable, but it may also help you generate new ideas for content and even inspire you to create products or services to meet a specific demand.

Get off to a strong start

The internet has given businesses of all sizes access to a range of different digital marketing tools and while there are a host of tactics you can opt for, we think the ideas above should at least help you get your website promotion off to a strong start.

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With driving website traffic being such a core priority for many marketing experts in 2019, the time may well be right for you to see which tactics work best for you.