by Sharon Jones


Imagine going into a store to buy some coffee only to see ten million different brands to choose from. That could seem a little daunting when figuring out which to go with. Ninety nine percent of the brands competing for that coffee buyer might never be seen at all. This example might be a stretch but having your brand or website stick out online and attract people can often seem like you’re one of those ten million brands of coffee.

Yes, that picture sounds daunting, but it needn’t be. There are easy ways to make sure your proverbial coffee sits in the middle of the aisle keeps customers coming back for more. Your goal for a website is to attract eyeballs, make them stick and then keep them returning. With a little learning and good execution, you can have a successful blog or company website.



SEO is the number one consideration for a website. Your goal is to attract customers or readers and being found is key to this. Moving closer and closer to being in the top of the search results is like having your brand of coffee moved closer and closer to the front of the aisle that confused consumer just stepped into. People tend to choose what they see initially when many options are given.

Tremendous amounts of time can be spent posting your content and getting other sites to reference you with links to your site. The problem is that you aren’t in the business of SEO. The business owner’s focus needs to be the business or blog being promoted online. In this case, it is best to hire the professionals. For instance, hire SEO marketing services Toronto to have it done for you. The job will be done faster and with better results.


Keep them coming back

You have great SEO, now you need them coming back. A brand has to stay in front of the consumer in order to be remembered and have value. One way to achieve this is through new content. One should never just put up a website and let it sit. New content shows the business is active, creates new pages to be indexed in search engines and gives the reader additional learning and name recognition opportunities.


Make it sticky

Make sure your site is attractive, with good photos and art work. The first thing to pop for a visitor is compelling imagery. Your content also needs to be up to par. In a world of so much information, it can be best to stick to a specific theme and cultivate those readers or buyers. Specialization and focusing on a niche can pay off big time.

Many online resources, like this website, offer great advice on how to make your visitors stick. They can show you how to organize your site, target specific visitors and keep compelling content coming.


Those are just a few basics. Obviously, there are a myriad of ways to continue to boost traffic and retain visitors but starting with these three is the key to success.

In time, you can be the coffee brand sitting in front of the other ten million in the aisle and have customers coming back over and over again.