How ultimate are you looking to go? Because you can pick up your roots, jump on the road, and live there perpetually. People do it for years at a time and even raise families on the road. There’s a new way to live called van-dwelling that is soaring among millennials.

Of course, just a week-long road trip in a city where you sleep in the back of a Subaru could be fun for some; but there are little things you can do to make things easier on yourself. First, find a means of location-independent income. There are various options in the new IoT economy. Lyft and Uber are options, though probably not ideal for a road trip.

There are also task options in crowd-sourced economies where you can download an app and perform various construction or errand-related tasks for clients. Additionally there are online surveys to take, articles you can write, you could be a secret shopper, or just be a journeyman construction professional of some variety; bouncing between crews.

The point is, provided you’ve got some way of making a little money on the road, you can live life to the max. If you get a solar panel and sequence batteries, you’ll have enough power for one, or maybe two, to use the internet almost all day, every day. It will depend to some degree on the weather; but you could buy two panels and sequence them to two batteries for well under $1,000.

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Trailers, Tech, And Preparation

Or imagine you’ve got a small vehicle that has enough horsepower to tow a small trailer. You could install a hitch, throw panels on the trailer, and live like you’ve got an apartment on wheels. If you’re looking for towbars in Brisbane, Speedy Towbars offers a variety of solution`s for a variety of needs, and can help you find the best option.

It’s rather popular to go on holiday in The Outback; for many reasons it makes sense to have a caravan-style RV, otherwise known as a fifth-wheel, rather than a full-sized motorhome. For one thing, such trailers are more accessible. For another, it’s easier to maintain the vehicle. A third positive revolves around your ability to travel. You can park the trailer at a safe location and have a home base, as it were.

If you’re a bit adventurous, and have the proper resources, you can find all kinds of travel accessories which will make popping off to the country or across it for a few weeks more comfortable. Consider a pocket projector, as an example. This device can project from your smartphone onto a surface in a small vehicle, and give you a big screen experience on the cheap. All the comforts of home from the convenience of your hatchback.

A relatively cheap necessity for the off-road survivalist may be an ever-ready match. You can strike this metal innovation multiple times and achieve a flame. Crucial for an unexpected survival situation, such innovations can also make general travel more convenient. When you’re striking a fire in the wilderness, an endless match simplifies things.


See The World And Save As Well

If you’re savvy enough to save a year’s rent, you can buy an RV which will pay for itself by giving you rent-free living for the rest of the year. Proper preparation and strategy can give you all the amenities of stationary living for about 40% to 50% less than traditional rental costs.

Using the internet to make your money can make the world your backyard; but even if you’re only traveling for a few days, you want to prepare for the unexpected, and perhaps seek new innovations as they develop.