by Jerry Mooney


The premise of gambling has always been simple, take something with a probability of one outcome or another and then tie money to one of the outcomes. In many cases, the probability of winning will be reflected in the winnings. Other times, it’ll just be a straight money bet that x thing happens.

In either case, mankind has been making bets with anything of value since we started being able to communicate with one another. It’s a given that if something is happening somewhere in the world, someone has bet money toward an outcome. People love to gamble. There is a thrill of winning or even dreaming of winning big money.

Formalized gambling used to require a trip to a casino or a bookie, but a connected world has changed all of that. What would have been the odds on a bet in 2000 that you’d soon be gambling from your phone? If you’d made that bet, you obviously would have won.

Initially, gaming found a new home online in the 2000’s with the advent of offshore wagering and virtual poker games appearing on the Internet. Now, one doesn’t even need to be in front of a computer when an app on your phone is all that is needed to bet on the sports game. Despite the crackdown on online gaming in the US, one is still able to make bets with the use of cryptocurrencies.


An App for Every Type

Gambling apps now encompass everything from pure sports betting to full casinos.

As would be expected, a casino app can provide access to all your casino favorites games. Blackjack, craps, slots and poker are all there. Every major online casino provider now offers an app for its players.

Sports betting is one of the biggest forms of gabbling and you can bet this type of betting is to be found online and on an app. Bet on games around the world with real time odds constantly updated. Having an app gives a slick experience to placing a bet on who will win that UFC fight you’re following.

In play betting, is another form of betting now available to those with an app. No longer are you just placing a bet on the outcome of a game but can bet on individual outcomes within the game, as conditions change. That soccer game just got a lot more exciting.

Up and coming in the world of app betting is peer-to-peer betting. A social aspect is added when being able to directly bet against others and the potential for unique bets is considerable. This is truly disruptive gambling in that the house is mostly cut out of the action with just a small fee going to the platform.


Not All Apps are Created Equal

As with everything in the app world, there is both good and bad out there. Finding a gaming app that fits your need and is run by a quality company is key. Thankfully, there are betting sites that rank apps, that will help guide you to finding the best apps available.

Now, go find the right app and get your gambling going.