by Zoe Zorka

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Cloud computing is a type of computing which has been on the rise in the last decade and has slowly started to change the landscape of what we can achieve online. Instead of storing all files on the computer RAM, we are able to store files and documents in a secure server online that can be accessed by use at any time, anywhere. This, as a technology, has revolutionised the tech industry and it has allowed business and personal professionals to work in a more effective and efficient way. 

But what is cloud computing really used for? Today we want to share some of the most common and useful ways that cloud computing is utilised all over the world. 

1. IaaS and PaaS

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) are both incredibly important services used in industry, and cloud computing has made it possible to use these in an efficient way. IaaS is a way of saving money on an infrastructure system for a given company, by using an existing infrastructure on a pay-per-use basis. This allows companies to save money and resources in the office. PaaS gives companies the option to develop ready-to-platform services for industry. 

2. Data storage  

The cloud is a great device and it allows many companies and individuals to make the most of their data in a secure place. The main reason why a cloud service can be helpful to all of us is that it allows access to a myriad of documents and files in our pocket. Cloud services such as Google Drive allows us to store images, documents, and other media in one place, and gain access to these anywhere in the world. Of course, with the mobile and remote nature of many workers in this day and age, this is crucial and allows for easier collaboration as well as work. 

3. Test and development

When a company or development wants to test or develop a product or service, the cloud can be a great tool to utilise. When testing a service or even a process, using the cloud to create this can make a huge difference and it allows us to work in a secure environment and collaborate in real time on items with other workers. 

4. Big data analytics

Analysing data in the modern age is a task. With advancing capabilities of computer systems and technology comes bigger outreach to customers and therefore more data to work through. When it comes to analysing huge volumes of data, the cloud can be a handy way to make this easier. Cloud computing such as with Binatech System Solutions is a good way to store huge databases without clogging up the device, and it makes the management of data a less daunting thing for all manner of companies and professionals. 

5. Disaster recovery 

The most important use of a cloud service of all has to be to backup data in case of a breach. As secure as a computer can be, there is always a risk that it will fall foul to a virus or a data breach by a hacker. When a device is compromised, the data on it can be corrupted and become lost. However, if you create a process to back up your data to a cloud service once in a while, this will ensure that even if your device fails, you won’t lose it all.