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More than 75 million websites use Wordpress. Over the last 15 years since its introduction, Wordpress enjoys an expanding and diverse community of contributors and users. This allows the platform to be relevant for a wide array of applications. So if you already have a Wordpress website, there is a lot more you can do with it. If you don’t have one yet, it is never too late to get started.

Wordpress for Businesses

Why does the internet love Wordpress? When it comes to content management systems, there are a few good ones out there – but none dominate like WP. Let us explore some of the many reasons why Wordpress works for your online project.

An Inexpensive Solution

Wordpress provides many features and services on a single platform in a very cost-efficient manner. This blend of constantly-updated bleeding edge tech with a DIY element is ideal for small businesses. Compared to getting a website designed from scratch by someone else, you can save thousands of dollars by learning the basics of Wordpress. The technology is not exclusive to designers – once you sign in, you have access too.

Apart from being economically viable, a Wordpress website can be accessed anywhere. All you need is your login security details and a gadget with an internet connection.

SEO Friendly Platform

SEO is the roadway to visibility for your website. It gives your business visibility to the potential millions of customers who use search engines every day. SEO is a set of techniques and best practices to tweak your website so it pops up on Google’s result page when someone types in your ‘product’ or ‘service’ as a search query.

Wordpress is one of the most SEO-ready platforms out there. You can tune your entire website or go down to each individual page to get the best SEO done. The codes are simple. The consistency of the Wordpress template allows even those unfamiliar with SEO to perform basic tasks easily. You can learn more about how certain SEO techniques and basics can help your website at https://www.bearfoxmarketing.com/seo/wordpress-and-seo-the-complete-wordpress-seo-guide-for-your-blog/.

Easy Upgrades and Customization

When you have a business website you will need to give it a unique theme and add exclusive functionalities. Wordpress allows for augmentations to its basic template by adding plug-ins. A plug-in is very easy to install – in just a few seconds you would have added an entirely new feature to your website. If you were to set up your website with a complex non-Wordpress code, such easy upgrades would not be possible.

Because it is based on a universal platform, you do not have to depend on an individual designer to run a Wordpress site. Anyone can jump in and continue the work that the previous person has started. The uniform codes and simplified management tools allow the website management responsibilities to be transferred without any hassle.

The Social Media Game

In this day and age, no online brand can remain competitive without a social media presence. Wordpress facilitates easy integration of your social media handles and content into your main website. There are many Wordpress plug-ins that make it easy to share website content on social media. These along with a social-oriented content strategy can push your brand further on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Marketing Tips for your Wordpress Website

When you have your Wordpress site up and running, prepare yourself for constant discovery. Apart from plug-ins and SEO techniques, you will also need to follow some best practices to ensure good reception of your site.

Make your Site Mobile Compatible

A lot of search traffic shifting from desktops to mobile. If your website is designed keeping in mind only a desktop screen, visitors who are using their mobile phones will not be able to get the best experience. Google’s search algorithm gives mobile compatibility a very high priority so this is important for SEO too. Tweak your existing website so it has a mobile version ready.

Image Management

Images really help push your content to the fore. Slow-loading images can also be the reason why visitors do not enjoy top site experience. If you are running a business website – especially retail, then you will have a lot of heavy image files to contend with. Use a Wordpress plugin that manages heavy image files in an efficient manner so your website does not slow down.

Test your Blogs and Pages

Testing different variations is an integral part of marketing, whether digital or not. If you have the time, create two versions of the same landing page and observe which one gets more traction. This is a recommended step if you are launching a new product. It is worth the extra resources spent if you can get closer to the right marketing combination.

The testing method is recommended for blog posts too. Everyone does not read the entire content – there will be a significant chunk of site visitors who will just glance at the headers and subheaders. You need to try out different messages in your titles and headers to see which one gets the most readers. Use bounce rates statistics to determine which blog version retains a higher percentage of readers.

Increase Interaction

Add some interaction to your Wordpress website with a comment or testimonial section where users can jot in their thoughts. Comments and reviews also help your SEO goals while establishing your brand further with a personal connection. Of course, interaction is a two-way street. As a site owner, you should not just invite comments, but also address them. Disqus is a popular plugin that allows a healthy comment section in your page while also preventing spam.                                   

These are just some of the things you can leverage with your Wordpress account. When site management and marketing becomes so easy, you can try different options and combinations without spending too much time. Good precise content, smart image management, interactive elements, and top security – these are important boxes that you need to tick when you own or manage a website. The Wordpress platform has nurtured an entire ecosystem of products and tools that will help you achieve these goals and more.