As technology continues to evolve, the choices are better and each device is more and more capable of providing quality. The improvements in technology make choosing which device is best for you that much harder. Regardless of your choice, you will likely get a great machine, but most of us want to maximize our choices. This allows our choices to stay relevant longer and avoid the need to upgrade. One of the most confusing choices is between a tablet and a laptop. I will break down a few of the critical considerations. This breakdown is in general terms and will compare laptops and tablets in broad terms.


Here are some common specs for laptops that you should be looking if you want to experience gaming on a highest level, video editing and programming, out of which programming requires least power.

A gaming,video editing spec for laptop would be:

An i5 processor of 6th 7th or 8th generation of processors.

At least 8 gigabytes of RAM DDR4.

Graphics card of at least 4 gigabytes DDR5 like GTX 1050 or better.

1080p resolution supported

A Tablet for similar price has the following specs:

Quad-Core processor typically from 1.4Ghz to 2.0Ghz

2 or 4 gigabytes of RAM

Typically 720p resolution, but some tablets do offer 1080p even 2k.

Tablets are nice for specific tasks and depending on your use, can be a great choice. They are handy as an e-reader due to the way they can simulate holding a book, and rotate depending on your preferences. Their mobility makes them convenient to transport as they can easily slip into a backpack.

tablet stilist.JPG

Also, due to the streamlined operation of a tablet, their battery usually last longer than typical laptops (laptops have better battery in more expensive models, but speaking in generalities, tablet batteries last longer). However, higher end laptops typically have better battery life and easier charging options. Also, if the complexity of laptop operations are attempted to be practiced with a tablet, the tablet battery life will drain faster and the power advantage will be lost.

All of these factors point out subtly that laptops have more capacity, power and general performance. For example, a tablet might have a higher pixel ratio on their screens, but due to the typically smaller screens (7-11 inches vs 12-16) the increased resolution provides little visual advantage. Whereas a laptops’ screens are usually several inches larger with great screen resolution, like 1080P, which can make a huge difference when watching a movie or playing a video game.

Besides the versatility, the power laptops provide in playing online video games is really what separates the technologies. Tablets have some advantage in the way that they can be manipulated and used like a controller, but the laptop will outperform the tablet in the field of processing and graphics. This is especially true if your laptop has a huge battery for great video games.

A laptop can also become a competitive advantage when playing multiplayer games. This might become even more relevant if you are playing online casino games, where your performance can be critical, even profitable. Should you choose to play at online casinos, you want to have the equipment that will fully take advantage of everything offered, from graphics to seamless gaming experiences. These sites provide outstanding visual experiences and using a lesser device makes all that experience less attractive.

Unless you are looking for a fancy digital book or a device that does some simple tasks well, the laptop is the real choice. Tablets are usually limited to apps for their experiences and are less versatile. This is particularly true if you are doing any advanced computing, like playing high-end video games, where processing and video display make a huge difference. For these reasons, the laptop is the superior choice, especially for gamers and people who value high quality video.

So, if you’re a casual gamer or you just want to casually surf over the internet, we would recommend a tablet. While it’s not as strong as a laptop, the specs would seem like on an average laptop from 2008, it does perform well for an average user. Laptops on the other hand, albeit expensive, should you opt for quality components with high quantity, are the way to experience everything on the highest possible level, gaming, video editing, programming and much more. A laptop above $700 price tag is recommended should you want to get the desired experience.

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