Do you run your own business or company? Are you looking for ways to market your products and services and to build a brand name? The growth of any business depends on its credibility and how successful it has been in building a brand name.

No business or brand is going to survive only through advertisements and by word of mouth in the present day world. Having a strong online presence for your company is essential to survive in this world where everyone is digitally connected. This also helps your company get good public awareness.

Facebook And Business Opportunities

Did you know that there are over 2 billion active users every month on Facebook? This means Facebook is the best way to get connected to your target audience. Whether you are setting up a new Facebook page for your company or making the best use of your existing one there wouldn’t be a smarter move. You can get in touch with people who are like-minded, your potential customers and build a strong community of your own.

Running a Facebook page might sound quite simple and easy. All you need to do is add a profile picture that seems best to you and a few posts. But it is not so. You need to have a strong page that looks professional to your target audience.

One that is credible enough to gain their trust and confidence and to build a brand name. This is also essential to market and sells your products and services successfully. If you need Facebook tech support, is a good option. The following are some of the important things to keep in mind while setting up a business page on Facebook.

Build A Professional Page

Your Facebook business page represents your brand, what it’s about and it describes your company and who you are. It’s like another website for your company which is used by your target audience to understand your brand and to make sure of its credibility. You can share enough and more information about your brand without having to worry about space or cost.

Make sure it has all the updated and accurate information regarding your business and its products and services. Don’t forget to add the accurate contact details of your company to the page? Adding success stories and ratings from your customers help gain the trust of visitors. Your Facebook business page has to be professional and up to date to get more traffic to your page and for the growth and success of your company.

You Need A Business Page Not A Personal Profile

Many people make the mistake of creating a personal profile for their brand instead of an actual business page on Facebook. A Facebook business page comes in with a lot of benefits like opportunities for promotion- both paid and unpaid, tools for content creation, insights and business analytics. You will miss out on all these advantages when you create a personal profile for your brand.

Besides, people won’t be able to connect with you unless you accept their friend requests. This takes more time and you are likely to lose your potential customers in that process. There are also people who create an additional profile for themselves to add their professional contacts. However, creating an additional profile goes against the terms and conditions of Facebook.

Profile Picture Should Be Recognizable

Whether you are a consultant or you own an established business the profile picture that you choose to add on your Facebook business page needs to be easily recognizable. You are likely to lose a good amount of traffic to your page if you fail to do so. It could be the logo of your company or brand or your own face depending on whether you run a company or you are a consultant. This helps people to identify you or your brand quickly on Facebook search and they can follow your page.

Each time you post or share something on Facebook the profile picture gets displayed by the side of your posts and this appears on the newsfeed of your followers. Hence, you have to be really wise and careful regarding the profile picture that you choose to add on your Facebook business page.

A Cover Photo That Quickly Catches Attention

A cover photo on the Facebook business page takes up a good amount of space at the top. Make sure the photo is attractive enough to catch the attention of prospective customers and clients. The photo could be that of the motto of your company, or a work that you’ve done recently, or an award or achievement of your business. The photo should be of the highest quality so that it keeps your page visitors engaged.

The dimensions of Facebook cover photos and profile pictures are changed quite often. So you need to follow the guidelines of Facebook on a regular basis to make sure that the visitors get a clear image on their screens.

Be Extremely Careful To Prevent Publishing Blunders

Social media pages of most of the organizations are usually handled by one or more employees who have been assigned the task. This means they need to be given the right amount of training so that they know what needs to be published on the Facebook business page, and when it needs to be done. They also need to do it on behalf of the brand, the company, or the person they work for. You can click on “page attribution” in the settings of the page to make sure of that.

There have been cases when the employees accidentally published their personal content on the company's Facebook page. Assign this task only to those employees who have the knowledge and expertise to handle social media pages to avoid such blunders that would bring a bad reputation to the brand and the company.

About Section Of Your Business Page

Visitors who land on your company’s Facebook page rely on the details given in the “About” section of the page to get the information regarding your company, brand and its services.

There should be a description in general, information regarding the organization, its vision and mission, and a brief story on the success of your company. This helps your target community get a better understanding of your brand, company and its activities and achievements before deciding to join the page.

You can also add the date of its establishment, the major events you’ve hosted or been part of, the milestones that you’ve crossed and the achievements that you’ve had along the way.

Let People Know About Your Page

It’s not just enough that you’ve created a professional Facebook page for your business. People need to be aware of it. You can post a link to your page on your personal Facebook account and invite your friends and family to follow your page and to share the link on their personal profile. The link to your business page can be shared on your company’s website, visiting cards, and print media and on other platforms of social media as well.

CTA Or Call To Action

A CTA or Call to Action button is a great way to get more viewers for your Facebook page content and it drives in more traffic to the company’s website. This will, in turn, add to the growth of your brand and company. The CTA buttons were introduced in 2014 December and include things like Book Now, Watch Video, Get My Offer, Book My Demo, Free Lifetime Access or Sign Up For Free. A destination URL can be added along with each of the CTA button. Click on “Add a Button” to add a CTA button to your Facebook page.

How Frequently Do You Need To Post On Your Page?

You need to have a good understanding regarding when you should post on your business page and how frequently you have to do it. A Facebook page that has been left idle for a long time wouldn’t seem credible to its viewers and you could lose many of your potential customers.

You need to post frequently on your Facebook page to keep it updated. However, make sure that you don’t post continuously that the newsfeed of their profiles gets flooded with your content. This could make them irritated and cause them to leave your page. You could rely on a social media editorial calendar to build a schedule to share your posts based on the different seasons and popularity.

Add Videos And Photos

Posting photographs and videos to your business page is another way to draw a good amount of traffic to your page as visual content tends to influence people more than any other types. Visual content also tends to get shared quickly on social media giving your brand a better exposure.

A good number of organizations already have their official pages on social media because they understand the importance of establishing an organization’s presence online. Nothing beats social media when it comes to connecting people and this opens up better opportunities for marketing your services and products.