The world of technology has certainly changed over the last 20 years, which may seem like a while but the difference from then till now is incredible. So how do smartphones make communication easier?

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Texts And Calls For Quick Chats

We spend a lot of our day glued to our phones and communicating with friends or family has never been easier. From a quick phone call to sending emoji-filled texts, we now have a very easy way of staying in contact with our loved ones every day. Although apps are becoming more of the go-to for communicating, texts and calls are still used even if they seem a little more traditional now compared to what’s on our phones currently.


Apps have really come into their own over the past few years. Services like Whatsapp, for example, runs off data or WiFi. Therefore, there’s no longer that stress of running out of text and call allowances on your phone because Whatsapp doesn't use it.

The social media platforms are also a great way of reaching out to friends and Facebook has now become a search engine to find out school friends and those you may have fallen out of touch with. Apps have really changed and improved how we communicate via our phones and now with AR (augmented reality) being rolled out more generally, who knows what will be possible in the future.

Video Chat

Video chat was the game changer in mobile phones because it gives those the opportunity to communicate over the phone face-to-face. Perhaps not quite the same as physically being in front of each other but it's pretty close. That means you can keep in touch with those who live on the other side of the world and it comes in handy for your work too if you need to conduct a meeting while out of the office environment.


Having emails on your phone has certainly contributed to helping those who use emails at work. You've got the ability to draft and respond to emails while on your daily commute. You can also get a faster response by sending email to sms if you're in a hurry. Like your email, you can also get a calendar, notes and reminders on your smartphone too. Organising your life has never been so easy!

Tracking Software

It seems a morbid point to make but if you're ever in an accident or at risk of getting injured, most smartphones have a GPS tracking system, and even Apple has ’Find Your Friends’ which allows you to track any of your friends or family providing they give their approval.

This tracking software is a way of communicating with the world in the event that you aren’t physically available to do so. With integrated emergency calling too in most phones, our devices are finding more ways of protecting us.

Technology is constantly changing and evolving. Who knows where we might be in five or ten years time. It’s exciting, to say the least!