It's fine to admit to ourselves sometimes that real life can be a bit of a drag. The stresses of work, our personal relationships, money, and, of course, the depressing state of the world that is constantly tractor beamed into our brains thanks to 24/7 news coverage. When the stresses of life start to get you down, sometimes the best course of action is to unplug from it all.

Escapism doesn't necessarily mean jetting off to a yoga retreat in Bali - everyone has the ability to escape regardless of their personal resources. True escapism is about having the right attitude, mindset, and commitment to taking regular time to switch off. Here's everything you need to know about doing escapism the right way. 

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Identifying What Stresses You Out 

The first step anyone should take before delving into the art of escapism is identifying what it is that's making you want to mentally step outside of yourself in the first place. Perhaps your boss is overworking you, or you're feeling anxious about an upcoming presentation or project. Perhaps it's more abstract than that. Maybe you despair over current political developments, or simply overwhelmed by the thought of having to endure another morning rush hour commute.

Clearly understanding the negative influences on your mental health is vital if you want to have an effective safety valve in place. When you're wanting to isolate yourself from your troubles, you want to make sure that whatever's bothering you has no chance of intruding into your safe space. 

Choosing Your Escape Tactic 

The next step is finding the right escape tactic for you. Perhaps it's as simple as delving into a good book. To do this effectively requires finding space where no-one will bother you and where outside influences will not penetrate. Switching your phone off is an absolute must. Even the internet can help you escape.

Simply going online and playing some entertaining games that are able to keep you satisfied and occupy your mind for a while should do the trick. You want to choose sites that have a diverse range of entertainment to maintain your attention span, which is why casino sites with thousands of different slot games and weekly promotions are a good choice. There are some highly informative and detailed reviews of casino sites that are worth reading before you make your choice. You could also choose to escape via an immersive hobby, preferably a solitary one. Painting, writing, hiking, and meditating are all stellar places to start. 

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Committing to It 

Escapism can only be done correctly if you fully commit to it. This takes a level of planning, foresight, and scheduling that most people don't expect. Try and pencil in regular times of the week where you are completely detached from your everyday life.

Reinforce this with reminders and tell your friends and colleagues that you won't be available during that time. Make sure to leave your phone and emails at the door and treat your escapism period as sacred time, not to be disturbed by anyone or anything. 

Escapism can be therapeutic and healing. It has been practiced by humans for thousands of years and there is no wrong activity to focus on. As long as you do what's right for you, you'll be able to enjoy all of the benefits of true escapism.