Photo courtesy of  Flickr

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Ropes Course Team Building

Strategy, teamwork, collaboration, trust. These are all qualities employees working as a team need to be successful. All of these qualities plus so many more are strengthened during ropes course team building. Quality team building programs are designed to strengthen personal and professional development through a series of challenges that produce positive results.

Ropes Courses, or Challenge Courses, date back to the 1900’s where they were used by the military for fitness training and confidence building. Some of the same strategies are used today to motivate both employees and leaders in the business world. Rope Course activities are strategically designed to foster teamwork and build personal confidence in a supportive environment offering a positive outcome for everyone involved.  Some are physical challenges and some are mental. The end result of a ropes course team building experience is a more cohesive, cooperative, team-oriented group of people.

Here are 8 reasons Ropes Course Team Building will improve team performance:

  1. Teamwork is strengthened:  Challenges are designed so everyone has a part in the solution. Whether it’s leading the group, brainstorming, establishing task lists, the end result is accomplished together and everyone’s input matters.

  2. Personal Confidence is Developed:  The most confident member of the team learns how to listen, recognize and appreciate the input of others, the least confident member learns how to speak up, understand and value their input, and those in the middle learn how to balance their position in the team to accomplish the tasks at hand.

  3. Comfort Zones Are Stretched:  Programs are designed for participants to brainstorm, “think outside the box” and open their eyes to new ways to accomplish things. Comfort zones are challenged to excite and inspire positive results.  Mental tasks stretch thinking patterns. Physical tasks stretch both mind and body limitations.

  4. Leadership Skills Are Learned: Participants find the  leader hidden inside them and how a “can do/will do” attitude is essential to lead, whether it’s a project or people. Participants learn how to take charge of a task or a group and strengthen their individual leadership skills. Roles are reversed so everyone can appreciate and understand their colleagues better.

  5. Trust And Respect Are Built: Many challenges are physical in nature and participants must help one another for successful results. Some team members will be younger and physically stronger, some will be older and wiser. Everyone on the team will learn to respect and trust each other by either offering a helping hand or asking for a helping hand. Trusting and respecting each other is essential in teamwork.

  6. Personal Growth is Developed: These courses are designed with teamwork in mind, but participants leave with more powerful ways of thinking about themselves and others. This personal growth development is an invaluable asset for both their personal and professional lives.

  7. Communication is Enhanced: Participants learn how to voice their views, how to get their ideas understood, how to listen to others and use their communication skills successfully. They learn how to take the fear and other negative emotions out of speaking up and learn ways to continue developing these skills back at the office.

  8. Friendships are Built:  Rope course team building exercises open the door to seeing colleagues with new eyes and unexpected, long lasting, life-long  friendships are formed. Many times these relationships grow even stronger back at the office and these bonds continue during and after business hours.

Ropes Course Team Building is a win-win for everyone involved. Visit Adventura or call (866) 981-8665 to get more information on supercharging your team building!