Of late, motorcycling has emerged as a new passion among the youth. It is justified too, as being a motorcyclist is fun but it is fun as long as you are safe. Does not matter if you are a novice or a professional, 6 months old into riding or 6 years, safety is a must! Otherwise, the injuries cannot just play a spoilsport but also ruin the experience for a lifetime. People tend to overlook the safety aspect of motorcycling often, given the awkwardness it brings. But, it costs them in the long run.

A human body is delicate. It cannot sustain injuries beyond a certain level. World’s fastest human being, Usain Bolt has been found to run at a peak speed of 27.7 miles per hour during a 100-meter sprint. If he were to fall at that speed, he would suffer serious injuries. Your motorcycle will catch even greater speeds! Here is where a headgear and other safety equipment come into the picture because the human body is not programmed to withstand the impact of such high speeds.

The number of options available for all safety equipment is overwhelming. Choosing the right one can be a tough job!

In case you are still a novice, getting ready to explore the world of motorcycling, you have stumbled upon the right piece of information.

Here we bring a list of the top safety gear and clothes that you need before setting out on your dream motorcycle trip. The article has an extensive coverage of all that you need to know about safe motorcycling right from helmets, gloves, boots, and jackets to some professional trips about actual riding.

Helmets:  Wearing a helmet not just protects your brain, but looks classy and mysterious too! It gives an easy access to Bluetooth devices too. A proper, DOT-approved helmet, does not matter how much it costs you is never a bad deal. Moreover, helmets are a good shield against wind noise and turbulence too. Wearing a full face helmet will also keep bugs and flies from cuddling with your facial features. After all, you would not appreciate using your hands to shoo a fly away while riding at like 50 miles per hour! Would you?

Choosing a good helmet out of a full-face, a ¾ helmet and ½ helmets can be a tough choice.

Riding Jackets:  Next on the list is a jacket. From armored racewear to ventilated summer wear, a jacket is an important part of motorcycle related accessories when it comes to upper body protection. They not only reduce the chances of abrasion injuries but prevent one at times too! Moreover, a full-face helmet with a jacket can give a complete classy look to the rider.

A textile mesh jacket, 4-season textile jacket or a simple leather jacket can work just fine.

Gloves: Hands are likely to suffer considerable damage when it comes to injuries from falling off the bike. Protecting your palms, knuckles, and fingers from injuries is as important as protecting your skull. Gloves are often not given the attention and respect that they deserve. Fewer options are available for gloves as compared to other accessories. Textile hybrid, full race, touring and urban gloves are a few to consider.

Boots: Motorcycle boots made of high-quality leather are next on the list. It is preferable to have them built of high quality-leather in order to provide good abrasion resistance. Textile boots with high abrasion resistance made of waterproof stuff with ventilation are always a good choice. Sport/race boots, cruising/touring boots, adventure/dual sports boots, street walking/casual boots are some of the available choices.

Lower wear: Textile, denim or hybrid pants are good options to consider when it comes to buying pants for your next motorcycle trip. Yes, jeans are acceptable but riding pants cannot be replaced ever! Depending on the weather, the length of the ride or what type of motorcycle you are going to ride, the choice of pants can vary. If you do not want to buy pants and jacket separately, then buying a leather one-piece suit is also a good option.

Lastly, keeping yourself safe while riding is as essential as keeping the nuts and bolts of your motorcycle in top notch condition.

Riding a motorcycle can be fun if you follow a few precautionary measures. Investing in accessories before setting out on a ride will always be beneficial. These are often overlooked but safety gear is quite crucial. Safe driving will be more fun.   


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Jessica is a traveler by heart. Along with frequently penning down her thoughts related to the travel experiences, she is an avid biker and an expert reviewer of motorcycle adventure products too.