By Jerry Mooney

Receiving a huge medical bill can be a shock, as well as an extremely upsetting thing. Some people find themselves without insurance, which can mean having to take on the full costs of a situation. However, even those who are insured can find that they have to pay a lot of money for a doctor's or hospital visit. There are many things your insurance might not cover, from appointments or procedures to medication. There are times when the bill is expected. If you're having a baby, you can calculate the costs. Sometimes, however, you receive a bill that you're just not sure you can pay. When that happens, try one of these solutions.


Make Sure the Bill Is Correct


The absolute first thing you should do when you receive a medical bill is to check that it's all correct. It's extremely common for there to be an error in the calculation and you could owe a lot less than the bills says. In fact, sometimes the bill isn't even meant for you. If you're being billed for something you're sure didn't even happen, working it out is essential. You can use a medical billing advocate to look over your charges and check to see if they're correct. It could be that a benefit hasn't been applied or something similar. You may not be able to spot the mistake right away.



Photo credit: Cobanams


Work Out a Payment Plan


If everything is correct and you're not sure now you're going to pay, you need a payment plan. Hospitals and other establishments should be happy to work one out for you. They are more concerned with getting you to pay than the schedule on which you do it. In fact, they won't even necessarily want you to pay the full amount. Medical bills can be negotiated, so being able to haggle will benefit you. If you don't feel confident enough to do it yourself, have someone else with you. You should speak to the medical billing manager or someone similar who has the authority to help you.


File a Lawsuit


Sometimes, you may have received a medical bill due to being in an accident or someone injuring you on purpose. When this happens, you could help to pay the bill by suing the person responsible. Get in touch with an accident attorney who can look into your case and help you decide if you have a chance. You might be able to get compensation for all or some or your bills, plus other costs. In some cases, you could get money for things like loss of wages.




It has become increasingly popular to crowdfund to help pay for medical bills. This practice may not be for everyone, and for some it's a last resort. You can use a crowdfunding website to ask people to donate to your cause. They can give as much or as little as they want to. You can find sites specifically for medical bills if you want to use them. However, you have to be good at promoting your campaign, both to friends and family and to others.


Getting hit with a large medical bill is stressful, but there are ways to deal with it. Before you panic, look at your options to sort it out.