Weddings, houses and cars are the three biggest life expenses after children. Each of these require saving up and a lot of consideration financially. A car is a huge purchase to make, especially as for some finding the money up front for a car is not easy. The roads are a congested place to be, so choosing a car that will run correctly for you is important!

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Securing a good deal on your car is important, but you need to consider whether the deal you get on the purchase price is as important as how the car will serve you over the years. You want to choose a car that will run for as long as possible so that you get the most for your cash. Sometimes this means paying a little more than you had originally planned to, so set out your budget for a car early, then add a little more on top so you are covered to stretch the budget if you need to. Finding the most cost-effective way of purchasing your car is important, as is minimizing the interest you will pay on your car. So, what options are there for you?

  1. Cash. Cash buying a car is a big achievement as it means you have the immediate funds for the car of your dreams. It’s a good thing to be able to pay for your car outright upfront. Make sure that when you purchase a car out of your savings, you leave yourself a buffer to cover the other costs of buying a car, such as tax, insurance and petrol! You should also leave enough behind to cover any repairs that you may encounter in the months to come.

  2. Personal Loans. Car finance personal loans are usually the cheapest option out there if you cannot buy a car outright. There are plenty of options to look for an auto loan calculator with money down too, so if you need to put a bigger deposit down, you can see what it would get you. Personal loans can often be better than what you get from the dealership, so always weigh your options and go for the best price available to you with the least interest.

  3. Hire Purchase. One of the popular options for a new car, you put down a deposit then make payments until the car is paid off. It’s an easy way to ensure you can have a car for everyday life, but it can be a pain as the car isn’t technically yours until the final payment is made. This can make life a little uncertain if for whatever reason you cannot make the payments on time.

The way you choose to finance your vehicle is personal to you, but by ensuring you understand the options that are available to you, you can be assured that you can get the best deal for your personal circumstances. Financing a car doesn’t have to be a minefield, it just takes some research!