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You’ve followed all the advice and set up an impressive website that informs and entertains visitors. You are using a combination of clever SEO techniques and social media posts to drive significant numbers of visitors to your site each month. But that is where your success ends! The visitors simply click away from the site in seconds and do not hang around. More importantly, they do not enter your sales funnel and do not end up buying your product. Your marketing is working but only up to a point.

Does this sound familiar? It can be very disheartening when you have spent a lot of time, effort and money driving traffic to your site but you can’t make any more from it. Find out why your traffic is not converting to sales and do something about it!

You lack the know how to drive up sales

The process of converting visitors to sales is like a science and you have to know how it works if you are going to make a success of your business. You need to do your research on sales enablement marketing and read up on the specific practices, tools, technologies, and processes that will help your business’ productivity and performance increase. If you head up a larger business, everyone in your sales team needs to read this. Without a detailed working knowledge of the techniques that are most successful, you will never increase your profits.

You don’t have any testimonials

Humans have a herd mentality. We don’t like to be the trailblazer. If you do not have any testimonials from satisfied customers then visitors will feel that they are taking too much of a risk when buying your product.

However, poor testimonials can be worse than useless. You need authentic testimonials that clearly come from someone who has tried out the product. The longer and more detailed they are the better. Don’t keep them all in one space. Sprinkle them throughout your website so that visitors will read them no matter what page they are on. Keep topping them up so that they are up to date and relevant to your current products.

Your logo is failing to impress

Is your logo lacklustre and boring? Perhaps it was something that you threw together yourself when you were launching your business several years ago. It could be time for a rebrand. Get a professional to design a killer logo that says a lot about the culture and ethos of your brand.

Take your time to get it right and work closely with your designer. They need to understand your business before they can deliver the logo it needs. Pat close attention to the color, the font and any graphics. Do not make any snap decisions. Take some time to get it right.

By introducing these changes, you could soon see your conversion rates soar and your profits go through the roof.